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Why Should You Pick A Cheap Window hosting?

Cheap Window hosting – Most small to medium business websites are hosted using Linux operating system. Linux is a platform comprising open-source software. It includes GNU and Linux kernel tools for developing projects. Cheap Window hosting – Before enlightening you with why you need to pick a Windows hosting, here are some misconceptions that you need to consider.

If you are worrying about application compatibility, you don’t need to. Most of the regular tools and applications work perfectly well on Linux. In fact, most of them are typically designed for Linux. It is unnecessary to choose cheap Windows hosting (US) for your hosting plan just because you are using it on your desktop. A web server does not need to run identical software on your PC. Hence, PC and Mac tools allow you to regulate Linux-based servers without any problems.

Navicosoft has the most modern and innovative technology. We provide the best windows web hosting for your online life! Moreover, we fulfill all your windows hosting needs with the most reliable hosting servers. 

When should you select a cheap Windows hosting (US)?

If Windows hosting uses server applications, then Windows is a decent choice for a server operating system. Linux distribution is a bit difficult to get your grips on. But if you are an expert on the window platform, then it is clearly a winner.

To clarify, you don’t need to pick a Windows-based hosting only because you are using Windows on the desktop. There should be familiarity with specific Server tools like IIS or MSSQL. Although there are alternatives for both of these tools in Linux, Microsoft tools are your preference; then, Windows Server is a suitable choice.

Applications That Will Only Run On Windows:

There are some tools that only run on cheap Windows hosting (US). If you require ASP, MSSQL, MS-ACCESS, ASP.NET, or Visual Basic development tools, Windows Server is still the best option for you. Although many tools are available on other platforms, Microsoft is a more open software publishing model. Hence, if you are using Microsoft Windows-based server, then opt for VPS or Dedicated Server hosting plans.

Easy Configuration:

Another benefit of cheap Windows hosting (US) is that it is very easy to configure, especially for beginners. However, a DNS server is comparatively very difficult to configure with Linux. You need special knowledge to edit BIND configuration files. With Windows, you can create your own DNS server. Consequently, installing and editing Apache configuration is very challenging with Linux. Pick a Windows-based hosting since it offers a graphical interface for dealing with the webserver environment, IIS.


Security is the topmost concern for any website. A cheap Windows hosting (US) is developed by one of the United States’ largest firms. The security patches are frequently available for free. Updating a Windows server is as simple as updating a desktop computer. Simply go and check for any available downloads.

Pick A Windows-Based Hosting from Navicosoft!

Navicosoft provides exceptional and cheap windows hosting (US) with a free domain. We have a team of experienced pioneers. In addition, our windows hosting servers are a perfect feature for stepping ahead with the latest technologies. So what are you waiting for? Pick a Windows-based hosting according to your needs. Navicosoft strives to deliver the best web hosting services.

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