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Why opt for mold testing in Springfield by experts?

Have you suffered water damage and are you worried that mold has grown? Or have you just bought a new property and you want to make sure it is clean? Ask the professionals for mold testing in Springfield!

In the business for many years, we are recognized for our know-how and for the reliability of our analyzes. Specialized in indoor air quality testing, we offer excellent Mold Testing in Springfield.

Contact us today to benefit from rapid intervention at a competitive price.

Fast and reliable mold analysis

The presence of mold in a building can have serious consequences. On the one hand, mold can cause or worsen health problems, especially respiratory problems. On the other hand, it can weaken or deteriorate the contaminated building. Avoid these inconveniences by requesting a mold analysis whenever you have any doubts.

Contrary to popular belief, mold is not always visible to the naked eye. Sometimes it leaves white, green or black traces, but it can also be invisible. As mold Mold Testing in Springfield, we recommend doing an indoor air quality analysis after a property purchase or following water infiltration. Thanks to a mold analysis, you will know with certainty whether your building is contaminated or not, then you can make the necessary decisions.

Mold Testing in Springfield offers an indoor air quality analysis service that is both efficient and precise. We at Springfield Carpet Cleaning VA work with an independent laboratory to ensure reliable results and results are available in just 24 hours. Trust us for your Mold Testing in Springfield!

Other services to assess your indoor air quality

Since mold is the most common contaminant found inside homes and business premises, we have made mold testing our specialty. However, we also offer the detection of other contaminants, in addition to the Mold Testing in Springfield. We work in particular for:

  • Mold analysis: Was your property built between 1930 and 1990? Do not take any risks and ask for a SpringfieldCarpetCleaningVA analysis to find out what it is.
  • Formaldehyde analysis: Often present in coatings and maintenance products, formaldehyde is a carcinogenic gas. Find out if you have any in your home with an indoor air quality test.
  • Analysis of other contaminants: Carbon monoxide, PM2.5 particles, carbon dioxide, and VOCs are all contaminants to be wary of. Present in the air as gases or fine particles, they are dangerous when highly concentrated in space. Measure their rates with an indoor air analysis.

The results of air tests on the presence of mold in the indoor air of buildings cannot be used to assess the health risks of the occupants of these buildings. The mold must be removed according to a specific procedure and the problem causing the proliferation of this mold must be resolved, regardless of its name. Therefore, boils down to: “If you see mold, you eliminate it and make sure it does not come back.

Contact us to learn more about our air quality mold testing in Springfield service and see all the benefits that root cause investigation can bring to you!

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