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Why is virginity so important anyway?

What is virginity?

Traditionally, virginity is defined as the intact state of the virgin. Virginity is lost when the hymen is damaged. It happens to a woman having sex for the first time. When looking for a woman, a virgin woman is more important than a non-virgin woman.virginity so important anyway

Some may argue that the hymen is not correct, others may argue that this practice is macho or outdated. Whatever your values ​​this year, however, it is a historical fact that virginity has been valued in many places throughout history.

In recent years, the concept of virginity has become widespread among men. Define virginity the first time I have sex. By this definition, a man can have many virgins, one for each type of organ with which he is in a relationship.

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What is the purpose of sex?

Sex is a biological process that accelerates reproduction. You can choose temporary or permanent contraception. You can choose to masturbate. You can choose to have gay sex. It does not change the biological purpose of sex to facilitate reproductive process.

Thus, sexual dynamics can be understood by understanding human reproduction. If you want to know why men are attracted to certain things and men reject them, other things are attracted to other things. If you want to know why male sexual desire and sexual desire behave the same and why you behave differently for women. If you want to understand almost everything about human sexuality, you need to see it in the context of human reproduction.

Men want women, women want men. Even in the current year, it is men who build and nurture society. Men can live without women, but men want women. OTOH women absolutely need men to live life to the fullest. This is still true this year.
Men and women are so different in so many ways that we cannot have a relationship. Imagine you are 10 years old. The girls had dolls, no. Girls are weird and will not do anything about them. Now imagine that you are 13 years old. Your hormones are going crazy and all you have to do is get on girls. That’s what changed gender. At 10am, sex has no value to you and therefore you have no reason to communicate with girls. At 1 p.m., sex became important to you, so all you had to do was girls.

The importance of virginity

Due to our different roles in reproduction, women are human and men are human actions. As a result, men want women as they are, while women love men for what they can do.

What makes a woman attractive to a man is her presence. What makes a man attractive to a woman is her behavior. Think about what men find attractive in women: a young body, a beautiful face, boobs and thighs, a beautiful posture, etc. All of these are ways of distinguishing a healthy and undamaged being. Instead, what women find attractive in men: sharp chin, strong biceps, six pockets, money, ambition, success, etc. These are all ways of saying: a man who can protect and take care of me.


Virgo is valuable because women are men and men are human actions, which is valuable because women need men and men want women. Therefore, a man who has sex with many women is a stud, but a woman who has sex with many men is a tail. Therefore, a man who does not have sex will be ashamed of his virginity.

He may find this offensive. His personal choice may be to marry a 10-year-old single mother, a tattooed prostitute who has had sex with more than 10,000 men and is $ 834,000 in debt. It does not mean anything. Personal preference and tolerance do not change human nature. Your offended feelings don’t make it any less true.

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