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Why do we have armpit hair? What are the characteristics?

Why do we have armpit hair? What are the characteristics?

During puberty, hormonal changes cause hair growth in the hair follicles and other parts of the body.Why do we have armpit hair? What are the characteristics?

As people get older, they notice that tiny hairs that are almost unrecognizable to the eye begin to change. This is because they give the upper hairs and affect various functions of the body.

Check them out below!

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Characteristics of terminal hair

Humans have three types of hair and they change at different stages of their development. Each of them has its own characteristics.

Lanugo, which spreads throughout the body, is present in the last trimester of pregnancy and disappears in the first few months of childhood. Velvet feathers (no tips) are finer than lanugos, light and barely noticeable. The final fibers that replace the hairs on the skin have the following properties.

This includes the fact that armpits are:

Highly pigmented and hollow

Thick and visible

It mainly occurs in the armpits, chin, eyebrows and eyelashes. The hair that grows on the scalp is also the last hair.

Unlike vellus hair, because it is longer. Except for the hairs coming out of the scalp, the hairs on the shafts are about half an inch but less than two inches.

The last hair that grows on the armpits, such as the buttocks, is also called “ambisexual hair”. This means that it occurs in both men and women. The intensity also depends on the level of human androgens. What is its special function?

Why do we have armpit hair?

We have axes in the human body because of androgens. Androgens are a group of hormones, including testosterone. With regard to the latter, people tend to believe that it only happens to men. But that is not the case. It is actually also produced in the female reproductive system, but to a lesser extent.

In both sexes, these hormonal changes are responsible for terminal hair growth during puberty. Large feathers appear first. After about two years, the hands begin to grow. It grows in each person at a different age, depending on their development.

Benefits of armpit or armpit hair

One of the main functions of armpit hair is to regulate body temperature. Hair can be protected from cold weather or excessive heat can hit this sensitive area.

It also helps retain moisture or slow down sweat production. This prevents sweat from dripping, as usual on the back.

1.Shoulder hairs reduce friction

Army hair prevents skin and skin contact. Therefore, it reduces irritation that can cause friction during sports, for example. If you do not remove this hair, the chances of ingrown hairs, which can cause pain, nicotine and infections, are greatly reduced.

2.Post pheromones

The hands release the chemical messengers that characterize each person, and the presence of fibers helps to absorb them. These messengers are known as pheromones. In particular, these are chemicals that are naturally produced and released by the body to act as odor signals, especially in the opposite sex.

The word “pheromone” is a Greek-derived neologism, meaning a chemical released by any animal that helps to influence the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species. The term became popular in the mid-20th century. Since then, perfumes have begun to create perfumes that replicate the nature of these messengers.

3.Prevent other illnesses or diseases

Do not shave or grow your hair, as this will reduce the risk of skin rashes. It also prevents abscesses that occur when exposed to clogged chemicals or toxins in the pores. When considering this fact, some doctors recommend that it is better to cut this hair with scissors if you want it to be less noticeable.

Growing or removing hair from the arm is a personal decision.

While it is true that hair removal is a nice trend, it is wise to know the benefits of not removing hair loss. People choose to do this for aesthetic reasons, not medical reasons. The beauty trend of hair removal is a sign of this century.

It is a personal decision to try to remove the skin of the forearm. But the choice depends on people’s tastes and traditions. Removing or removing shoulder hair is a viable option if you maintain good hygiene habits.

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