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Why choose Kitchen Marble Countertops? What are their Pros and Cons?

Most homeowners are considering remodeling their kitchens. Will have a hard time choosing a suitable material for the countertop. There are hundreds of options out there, but the sensible choice is kitchen marble countertops. Marble’s versatility and undeniable beauty give a place a sense of dignity, allowing it to blend with any décor. It comes in many textures, colors, designs, and patterns. But is a marble top suitable for your home?

Here, we take a look at their pros and cons to help you make up your mind.

Pros and Cons of kitchen marble countertops:

To help you determine if marble is the suitable countertop material for your home. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.

 Pros of kitchen marble countertops:

  1. Timeless appearance
  2. Durability
  3. Availability
  4. Real estate added value
  5. Heat resistance
  6. A smooth and stylish mix of design
  7. Increase the value of your property

Timeless appearance:

Marble is timeless, elegant, and cannot be imitated. That is why it is preferred among those looking for stylish countertop material. While there are many color options, there are two that stand out above the rest:

  1. Carrara marble is grayish and reasonably priced,
  2. Calacatta marble has a white base with dark veins.

Since it offers a classic look, there is no need to worry about the counter going out of style. It would be best if you kept in mind that this is a natural stone. So, the color or pattern can differ from piece to piece. They were made and where they were found.


Marble can generally last up to 5 times longer than other commercially available natural stones before being replaced. You don’t have to worry about nicks, scratches, or cuts of any kind, as it can handle counter traffic well.


Suppose the counter stone is not available locally. The shipping costs may be included in the price. Marble is relatively easy to find, which means you can install your countertop sooner. So, as you won’t have to wait days for the finished product to be delivered.

Marble makes it an excellent option for different home areas such as kitchen marble countertops, bars, and bathrooms. This is another reason why over-the-counter businesses usually have a large inventory for customers.

Real estate added value:

A home with a marble countertop can expect a higher resale value. After that, a home with a regular stone or concrete countertop.

Heat resistance:

It is not recommended to leave hot pots and pans directly on marble kitchen counters. But, the marble has heat-resistant properties. That said, it’s best to use warm trivets and pads to avoid damaging the finish.

 The smooth and stylish mix of design:

Marble stone-white marble has been the first choice of many homeowners. So, it works well in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Marble has been used for many things, from wall designs, floor designs, counters, monuments, and halls.

Most people love marble countertops so much as it just creates an eye-catching vibe in any room. People love marble because it is an eye-catcher and can quickly grab the attention of visitors.

Marble has a refined texture that easily blends with any design or style in your kitchen. This versatility goes a long way in people’s decision to choose marble countertops.

Increase the value of your property:

They give the buyer a good impression of your home; tell your buyer that your home is stylish. Kitchen renovations with a marble countertop are usually a solid investment. However, it pays off in most real estate transactions in the future.

Cons of kitchen marble countertops:

 It is porous:

Since marble is a natural stone, its pores can absorb liquids. Wine, coffee, oil, and juices can stain your kitchen counter and be challenging to remove. Likewise, liquid makeup and nail polish can stubbornly stain marble bathroom counters.

Fortunately, sealants can protect your marble countertops. You can apply it yourself, but having it done professionally gives better results.


Although you can try to install it yourself, it is best to hire a professional. This prevents damage to the foil during installation and ensures that it is mounted correctly. If you have an existing counter and are just looking to replace the top with marble. So, it makes sure the base is strong enough to support its weight.


Marble is more expensive than other natural stones. However, since it is mined worldwide, you can find relatively affordable marble countertops by browsing various clearance sales.

Marble is a high-quality countertop material that you should consider when starting a home improvement project. Its pros outweigh the cons, and with time and effort, the pros are worth it. 


Whichever stone you choose for your remodel, its original beauty cannot last forever without proper care and maintenance. However, if you want more delicate details and consistency with its design, go for kitchen marble countertops. I hope this article will guide you to purchase countertops.


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