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Why Beauty is a Controversial Topic ?

  • Beauty is a Controversial Topic

The very old saying that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder’ explains it all that why Beauty is a
controversial topic. This saying means that the perspective of beauty depends upon the vision of the
viewer. For example, for a mother, nothing is more beautiful than her child’s smile. Similarly, for a painter
the beauty lies in his paintings, for a food lover, beauty lies in the color of spices.

Beauty is so much overrated these days that it has started to make people feel insecure regarding their
physical appearance. It has started bothering people in such a way that people are not ready to accept
themselves as they are. This is not something that is our fault but society has forced us to be like this. To
be cautious about our looks so much that we have started to feel as if we are not beautiful and so we are
not perfect for society. The societies have kept setting the boundaries since ages that thinner girls are
more beautiful, girls with dark complexion are not acceptable and what not. Society is looking at beauty
from a person’s outer appearance rather than the inner beauty and it is going on for ages.

The result of this being, the children/teenagers are getting more cautious about their appearance and are taking steps that they shouldn’t. Tied with these knots, society forgets to see someone’s inner beauty which may be
more attractive than their outer appearance. For some people, you mean nothing if you do not have outer
beauty. This is even developing jealousy in the friend circle and groups. But isn’t it that we all are created
differently? Not all the 5 fingers of the hand are equal. So how can you imagine that everyone will have
the same beauty? Well, some have good appearance style, wear trendy clothes, always have their makeup on but what if they have attitude, ego, Doesn’t have talking sense, no respect for others. Will, still they
be considered as someone next to perfect just because of their looks? Aren’t these aspects should also be
considered in society? Let us consider the saying Love at first sight.


What does that exactly mean? That a person can fall in love just by seeing someone without know about that person at all. This can be related to millions of people in this world. People have just inculcated this one habit of judging others by their looks, their styling, cosmetics they are wearing, etc. By the looks, one judges whether the person is rich or poor and then treats accordingly. This proves that how much beauty is overrated and what effect it can put on an individual.

Society clearly needs to broaden up their minds and look beyond just the outer excellence. Some people and societies never go for the outer appearance or looks and what they see is just the respect they are showing to the society or the way they behave in front of them which of course comes under your inner beauty. But, the ratio of such societies in comparison with the other societies is just nearly 5%.

Although, the definition of beauty keeps changing from person to person. “We cannot judge the beauty
of a person just within 1 go. I take time to observe his/her nature, behavior, etiquettes, his/her respect
and dedication towards the passion they have and then only I judge the real beauty of that person. For
me, the looks never mattered as until and unless a person doesn’t have a beautiful soul, they can never
be considered as a beautiful person.” Says Mrs. Vinita, School Teacher, Lucknow.

According to Miss. Up asana, Asset Professor, “Beauty is something which comes naturally to a person. But
a person should know to maintain himself in front of society. The looks, as well as the appearance of a
person, says a lot about him/her. If a person doesn’t look beautiful, society never accepts him. The first
impression always comes through their looks and what are they wearing.”

The two statements by two different people tell a lot that why Beauty is such a controversial topic and
has created a buzz over years

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