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Which is the best high school in Ahmedabad?

Education has evolved so much over the years. Parents today have a vast multitude of options to choose from like public school, private school, homeschooling, etc. Contemporary schools are where children experiment, actively participate, learn, question their world, etc. 

Best High School is one that inculcates a growth mindset in children rather than sticking to a fixed mindset. This encourages children to step beyond their comfort zone and think independently. It helps develop grit to push through failures rather than just encouraging success. Parents are advised to most importantly look for schools that help connect dots between school learning and real-life application. The school ultimately brings the “best” for their dreams to reality. While the quality of education is the most important criteria, the opportunity to develop the child’s physical, creative and social skills are also key areas that require equal importance.

The following is the best high school in Ahmedabad:

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a highly acclaimed school that aims to teach its students life skills while preparing them for competitive exams. Classes are held right from grade one to grade twelve. The school offers flexibility as the child is allowed to start classes any time during the school year and is given assistance to help them catch up with their peers.

Application-based learning gives a thorough understanding of concepts and their usage. Children use their thinking and reasoning power all through their grades. Attention is paid to every child’s strength and weakness. Children with learning disabilities are helped by counselors.

Extracurricular and co circular activities

GIIS encourages children to participate in extra and co-curricular activities. It has made it mandatory for them to take part in at least one activity of their choice.  

Holistic development of the child

The school follows a program called ‘9GEMS’. The most important gem is academics which introduces the child to the power of language and communication. Maths, science, technology is given priority. The next is sports excellence. The child must choose at least one sport from the many offered by the school. Sports fosters a sense of discipline and sporting spirit. Visual and Performing Arts. The children take part in plays, dancing, acting thus enabling them to boldly face an audience. Personality Development. which trains children to be self-confident and instills leadership qualities in them. Innovation and Creativity.

In a competitive world where the rate of innovation is increasing rapidly, we train our children to be creative which in turn helps them to transform their ideas into a reality. Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Students are given projects to work on where they learn how to present and speak on their topics effectively. Universal Values and Ethics. Children are taught the importance of living in a peaceful environment. Community Building and Care. Green initiatives, charity drives are organized. Skills Development gives an edge to GIIS students.

Factors to consider while selecting a school

Choosing the right school for kids inarguably becomes the most important and sure decision for the majority of the parents. Each child has a different personality with differing interests and needs, therefore, finding the right school that is the right fit for each child is very important. 

It is indeed utterly crucial to find the right school, but how do we decide which is the Best CBSE School for our kids.

The very first factor to be considered is your child’s needs and learning style. Ask yourself questions about what type of environment would be best suited for your child (structured or unstructured), does your child require more individual attention and has any special learning needs? How does your child learn best- by listening? Watching? Or by reading? Does the child enjoy working alone more or in groups?

It is significant to consider factors like the curriculum (CBSE) and academic programs offered (core academic subjects, extracurricular activities, sports, etc), approach to learning (group projects, individual performance, frequent testing), cost, academic performance, diversity (ensures sensitivity to cultural issues and encourages a child to become aware and respectful of different values), behavior policy (discipline policy, developing character and citizenship), safety, size (whether it’s a small school with more personal attention or a large school with more opportunities to build relationships), facilities and services (library, internet, infirmary, cafeteria, counseling, mobility, auditorium, etc), student-teacher interaction, parent engagement, reputation. All these factors help make a more informed decision. 

Importance of a Good Education

An investment in education turns out to pay the best interest. Since education is not just the preparation for life ahead, but life itself, saying that education is important is an understatement. Education is a tool that provides us with knowledge, information, skill, and technique. It develops capabilities to fight against discrimination, injustice, corruption, and violence. Most importantly education teaches how to read and write. It makes people literate. Individuals also enhance communication via education. Sophistication enters the life of educated people, making them more mature. In a competitive world, having a good education is a necessity (just like the air we breathe) because it is our weapon to conquer the world. It not only gives self-satisfaction but also boosts confidence. There’s a mutualistic relationship between education and development. 

In this 21st century, education helps create a modern society by providing equal opportunities and introducing empowerment. Modern society is based on people who have very high living standards and knowledge. Education molds people into leaders and shows them how to lead with emotions and true values. Educated people are treated as equals based on their knowledge and competence irrespective of caste, religion, sex, race. Besides, educated people are more open-minded and willing to accept and respect varying opinions. Education helps provide financial stability and is the key to turn a weakness into strength. Educated women can more easily take a stand for themselves, stand up against gender bias, inequality, violence, etc. It provides us with the mental agility required to make the right decision and spring to action when required.

Apart from knowledge, a holistic environment is best for the overall development of a child. Along with the best education facilities, it is important to encourage creativity, extra-curricular, sports, internationalism, etc. Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, physical, social, emotional, artistic, creative, spiritual potential.

Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to change the world. Therefore, make sure you make a well-informed decision. 

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