Which Is Better: The Original Xbox Or The PS2?

Sony Company, back 25 years ago which hit top trends as PlayStation released the first ever-modern gaming console of video games. In its competition, Microsoft released Xbox. This question will take us to a whole competition level, as pros and cons are always together. Moreover, for this, we take both the overrated masterpieces for their best quality and comfort they provide to the gamers. A simple answer to this question would be a yes to Xbox in its multi-featured system but PS2 is still an old-time favourite even today. Every upgrade is shocking and highly praised worldwide. The PlayStation2 network adapter is the best reason to still play the console.

Xbox Console Succession

Xbox landing in the marketplaces in the 2000s, however after PS2 came into the marketplace. Xbox came late and failed to reach the competitive number of units sold PS2.

The price range of Xbox was almost the same as PS2, and the memory processor 2 times more advanced. The memory 64 MB, enough space for many games to save and play. 480i to 1080i resolution and it had its original accessories for additional features. The console is also compatible with DVD and CDs to insert and play. The most highly rated game of Xbox grossed 8 million CDs!

PlayStation Console Experience Overtime

By far, PlayStation won the hearts of many gamers, as it is the oldest of the devices to be released. The first PlayStation in the 90s was epic but its successor, PlayStation 2 in March of the 2000s became the most beloved gaming device. As the world upgraded, the models of PlayStation hit top records in every trending era. In every PlayStation model, there was a smoother experience over time and it sold better than Xbox itself!

PlayStation 2 was the successor of PSX and it hit records as soon as it came into the market awaking an entire adventure for gamers worldwide. The sleek and lightweight console came in both video gaming CDs and DVDs. When teens owned PS2, they played movies and songs because of its high-resolution sound system and the vastest collection of nostalgic games. The dual-shock feature in its controller, the 1.1-gigapixel and 580-megapixel resolution, played on HDTV via HDMI cable insertion port and USB port. Consisting of a 150 MHz Graphic Synthesizer in its core, it allured gamers in its bubble. This sixth-generation console, is responsible for billion copies of Sony Games, giving massive profit to the company and the gaming characters hold nostalgic value as well. It even had its remote control and an original dual shock controller. The highest-rated game of PS2 sold over 14 million CDs!


PlayStation has earned much reputation from all other consoles; gamers have experienced a user-friendly control over the console and enjoyed more with Sony Company and its successors. There were always new upgrades to add to PS2 and the console is still one of the top sold consoles in the world. Xbox could not sell 155 million solo units as PS2 did. No console could win that record. Alternatively, this makes PS2 win this competition.

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