What Will Be The Impact of Social Media On B2B Marketing In 2021

Coronavirus pandemic has paved the way for new opportunities for b2b lead generation. In the world of digitalisation, most of the people are glued on the screen at all times. It is the right time to grab the opportunity and turn this opportunity into a lead generation strategy.

Online and social media has wider reach at lower costs compared to other resources. Social media plays a vital role in B2B lead generation. The Internet has been a boon at this time of crisis when the coronavirus is ruling the world. Social media is the best platform to gain target audience attention when all other resources such as cold callings from business directory have failed. Hence, it is vital for every business irrespective of the size and type to have an online presence in 2021 and beyond.

According to reports, 10-13% online users have increased in the current year taking the world to 3.96 billion. The surveys say that more than 50% of the world uses social media.

Here, you will get to learn insights from top marketing experts across the globe of their view on

‘The Impact of Social Media On B2B Marketing In 2021”

Timothy Hughes:

According to Timothy Hughes, “Society and industry have now been influenced by social media. With advertisement, cold calling, and email marketing yields in their hands, the new motivated consumer simply avoids all of these distractions. He suggests using social media as a strategy instead of using as a tactic. This enables a company to gain market awareness, trusted advisor status, pipeline, development, and inbound, company info, first dibs on the best talent, and employee engagement and common purpose. This provides companies with a significant competitive advantage in today’s world.”

Ivana taylor:

Social media is not just to create compelling marketing strategies but also can be used for the evaluation process. Every platform has a different approach. LinkedIn users are hungry for education and Facebook users are looking to be entertained. You need to be consistent with your content to create and work on sales lead generation.

Sumeet Anand:

Pandemic has surely changed the way businesses operate. LinkedIn and other social media sites have emerged as effective B2B marketing tools because they provide marketers with access to the right target audience. This trend is going to constitute even in the current year. The budgets are reallocated to digital marketing. Social media demands a lot of video content, hence this gives rise for brands to create compelling videos to entertain their target audience and generate sales.

Adam White:

Every business is right now eyeing on social media platforms which means higher costs in advertising on such platforms. More and more competition is heading here which means a rise in ads cost may be expected after 2022.

Shane Barker:

The level of personalization that B2B marketers can achieve is one of the benefits of social media. Personalization is critical in an era where customers value brands who know when to sell to them. Social media also enables a feature of personalised Bots messages. But to achieve success with bots, you need to create great strategies around it and it may not be always effective.

Chris Makara:

Social media is no longer to only advertise your products and services. It is more of building relationships with your customers and targeting new customers. Hence, it has become challenging to up your game on social media with the rising competition.

Dominic kent:

Social media such as Instagram has come up with new features of reels, stories and fleets to attract an audience without any warning to social media managers and marketing teams. The marketing team needs to work around these features. Train themselves and experiment to find best ways to practice them.

Steve Wiidemen:

Social media will continue to play a major role in B2B inbound marketing and paid ads. Businesses are collecting data and insights from social media platforms by allocating budget to digital marketing that would have otherwise been spent offline.

Minuca Elena:

No wonder social media and SEO are gaining popularity ever before. Many tools and softwares have been introduced where a communication channel is created to get in touch with one company to another. One such app is Clubhouse which offers tremendous opportunity for business people to connect on a personal level.


To up your game and outrank in the competition, you need to build compelling marketing strategies and allocate budget to digital marketing. This is the only way to generate sales leads and reach a wider audience.

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