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What to see in Dallas

Dallas is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, located in the state of Texas . The infrastructure, financial and banking activities are well developed here. We were amazed at the number of beautiful restaurants and shops where you can just relax your soul.

There is also an excellent opportunity here to replenish your knowledge of the history and culture of various countries and continents, since it is here that there are many expositions in museums that tell about the life and history of the countries of the world.

City `s history

The history of the city begins from the moment of its foundation, which falls on 1841. This was done by John Brian. Of course, the American city did not immediately become a metropolis. It was originally a miniature village inhabited by Native Americans from the tribes of the northern part of the country.

The city got its name, probably in honor of the famous US Vice President with the same surname. In 1856, Dallas grew from a small village to the status of a “city”. He received his first recognition thanks to the successful completion of the construction of the railway. After this event, the city began to occupy an important place in the field of trade and transportation of raw materials.

Dallas was originally known for the cotton trade. By 1900, the country’s largest cotton market was opened there. In 1930, an oil field discovered nearby, and the city began to flourish thanks to the oil industry, unlike Detroit

We saw how great the infrastructure is in Dallas. The metropolis has significant cultural values, the education system is developing well here. The Texas Cultural Center has many prestigious institutions for higher and secondary education.

On a note! It was in Dallas that the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy took place. Thanks to this event, the city received unprecedented publicity.

Climatic conditions of the metropolis

In general, the climate of the city can described as humid. This is due to the large amount of water resources in the metropolis. Humidity rises especially in spring, when precipitation occurs in the form of hail. Also in the spring we can see here such natural phenomena as lightning, thunderstorms and even tornadoes.

The wet spring replaced by summer. Sometimes it distinguished by dry air and northerly winds.

Winter in Dallas is rather mild, in contrast to Washington . We can admire precipitation in the form of snowflakes freezing on the windows for a couple of days, on other winter days we can only observe rainy weather. Temperatures in winter can drop to just below freezing.

Autumn and spring are the most unpredictable seasons in the Texas metropolis. Changes in the weather happen several times a day. But in spring, as elsewhere, we admire the blossoming buds on trees and flowers and feel our favorite scents of the plant world.

Popular attractions

Each city has its own corners of paradise, which we love to consider during walks, excursions and travels. Traveling around the famous American metropolis, we can also get acquainted with the sights of Dallas.

So, let’s take a look at the most popular attractions in Dallas:

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Museum of Fine Arts. It has been operating since 1903. It presents to the attention of visitors many different exhibits. Since 1984, the museum has settled in the very center of the city. He has collected in his reserve numerous collections reflecting the history of various continents of the world.

Observation tower “Reunion Tower”. Its height is 171 meters. The tower built in the shape of a ball, which makes it one of the main attractions in Dallas. Upstairs there are: an observation deck, bars and restaurants. The view from the top is wonderful – we could see almost all the charms of Texas.

Skyscraper “Bank of America Plaza”. It is the tallest landmark in Dallas. The height of this building is 280 meters and it consists of 72 floors. Also “Bank of America” ​​ranks 3rd in the tallest skyscrapers in the entire state. It built in 1983.

Scenic Landmark

Lake White Rock. A scenic landmark where we can afford to relax and unwind. This artificial water resource washes the picturesque shores, on the line of which there are park recreation areas and a botanical garden.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. This bridge erected over the vastness of Dallas’ main water resource – the Trinity River. The bridge also offers a beautiful view of the city and the river itself.

Fair Park. The most striking attraction. The park covers an area of ​​about 1 sq. km. Thanks to the 9 museums located in the park, you will acquainted with history and culture, as well as get aesthetic pleasure.

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Museum of the sixth floor. A favorite destination for tourists, as it associated with the event that made Dallas famous – the assassination of Kennedy. It believed that the murder took place from this building, from a sixth-floor window.

As we can see, the sights of Dallas will tell us a lot about the city itself and its historical values. As in any other country, the United States has many wonderful metropolitan areas, attractions , where there is something to see, and Dallas is no exception. How wonderful it will be to capture beautiful moments and scenic spots in the photo!

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