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What is the significance of bathroom safety for Elderly Family Members?

“Every year, over 50% of Americans above the age of 65, suffer a fall. Many falls occur in the bathroom, especially when exiting a bath or shower. With a bit of barrier-free showers, accessible toilets and sinks, grab bars, non-slip flooring, and a lot of patience, you can make your bathroom safer for yourself or someone else that has mobility issues while still keeping it fun. “

In the modern world, where bathrooms are a necessity for everyday life, it is important to know how to keep them safe.

A bathroom is a great place where we all go to unwind the stresses of the day with a nice hot shower. Yet, there is often no one there to help us when we fall or slip. This can be especially dangerous if someone living in your home is senior or has a disability.

Improving bathroom safety for your family member will make them more independent and safer.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of bathroom safety and offer tips on how you can safely manage your bathrooms.

Installing a handicap-accessible shower and sink

One easy solution would be to install a handicap-accessible shower and sink. This will allow your loved ones to bathe them without the need for assistance. You can also install grab bars or a hand-held showerhead for safety.

Converting your toilet into a hand-held model with rails.

Converting your toilet into a hand-held model with rails is another approach to make your bathroom safer. This will allow them to sit down or stand up from the bathroom without assistance. You can also install a bathtub with safety rails for your senior members to use to bathe themselves.

Purchasing a fold-up chair to use in the tub or the shower.

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your elderly family member safe in the shower, buy a fold-up chair. Fold-up chairs are very lightweight and convenient. You can also purchase one with arms to be more comfortable for them to use while sitting on the toilet.

Grab bars installed around any slippery areas in the bathroom.

Installing grab bars on walls can help prevent falls by making it easier to get back up. You can also install them inside the shower or bathroom stall to make it easier for your loved one to stand up or sit down.

Bathroom grab bars are extremely useful for older people as they help to move without falling or slipping. It is also useful for people with mobility impairments as it can be dangerous to maneuver around the restroom or bathroom without proper support. Grab bars or handrails are quite useful for people who do not have enough strength to move around. It can also fixe in different parts of the house to move efficiently.

Significance and installation:

Bathroom grab bars usually install in places that use by differently-abled people. These handrails act as safety devices that allow the weak and disabled to move safely. They also instal in some nursing homes and hospitals to ensure the safety of patients.

These install on the walls of the restroom to assist in the use of tubs and toilets. It has also been fixed near the washbasin. It is firmly fixed to the walls so that it is strong enough to temporarily hold a person’s weight.  Moreover, it is quite helpful as it can be used as an aid to get in and out of the tub or shower without fear of falling.

Nonskid mats next to the tub and in front of the toilet

Installing nonskid carpets next to the tub and in front of the bathroom can help elder people from slipping. To prevent this from happening, make sure to keep your bathroom as dry as possible at all times and clean up any spills immediately. Additionally, use non-slip mats on the floor of any shower or bathtub area.

Use non-slip mats on any other wet floors as well. If your bathroom has tile or stone flooring, be sure to install slip-resistant pads underneath all furniture legs for extra safety.

These mats are available at most department stores and are inexpensive.

*It is not recommended to use a shower curtain as this creates a possible drowning hazard.

Brightly lit vanity areas.

If your loved one has difficulty seeing what they’re doing in the bathroom, make sure their vanity area is brightly lit. This will make it easier for them to see without turning on any other lights in the house. Having a bright, task-specific light also helps reduce the risk of falls.

Some other helpful items include:

  • An extra-long cordless phone (or corded phone with a long cord) so your family does not need to move around the house while on the phone.
  • A small stool or box that fits next to the sink and tub.
  • A long pole with a sturdy hook on the end can pull a towel or robe off a high rod or closet door.
  • Backup battery for your smoke detectors.

Now that you know how to improve bathroom safety for your elderly loved ones, you’ll have a more confident feeling while they’re doing their business on their own. In order to keep your bathrooms as safe as possible, the best thing you can do is be proactive. This means knowing how often equipment and appliances should service or replaced.

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