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What is silk Brocade Fabric and how does it feel?

By putting the pattern thread in the middle of the wrapped thread, patterns are created using the brocade fabric. It is woven in multiple-color silk by ply and looms and is a rich and embellishing textile. For example, it might have additive gold and silver threads. This fabric is the most expensive one, has an exquisite look, and is exceptionally fashionable. That is the reason it has been preferred as the fabric of the Royal families from ancient times.


In India, brocades create an immense range of beautiful, traditional, and present-day ethnic outfits. The primary textile industry producing brocades is mainly Banaras and Madras. It is because these cities of India were developing during the time of the Mughals.


Banaras in Uttar Pradesh, presently known as Varanasi, is the core of the manufacture of Banarasi Brocade. Worldwide Banarasi brocade fabric is the most excellent and splendid fabric existing Worldwide. Companies make lehenga cholis, sarees, and suits with the use of this fabric.


What is Brocade?


Embellished woven fabric with an uplift design generally made using gold and silver threads is known as brocades. It looks like embroidered material, but actually, it is different. The reason is brocade we make with different weft threads at the time of the weaving method.


However, We can create attractive designs by use of extra weft threads


Silk Brocade fabric is considered as the luxurious fabric previously worn out by Royalties. It is because silk is extraordinary and more costly. Its manufacture was imaginary, with wool and linen, which were the regular fabrics of the time.

How do we make brocade fabric?


In ancient times brocade fabric by using woven silk material. However, silk brocades are a luxurious item as silk is a limited fabric. Currently, silk production is common. Therefore, economically brocade fabrics are good and readily available.


Other fabrics like rayon, polyester, cotton, and others are the main parts of exciting brocade designs.


Types of brocade fabrics


There are various kinds of brocade fabrics are there


  • Silk Brocade


Its soft, shiny, creative, and strapping structure makes it the best base material for the designs and patterns. For special events or occasions, it is used for crafting sarees, bridal lehengas, salwar-Kurtis, and many women’s clothing. Famous fashion designers who always want to work for beautiful textiles into unique designs have their favorite fabric is the silk brocade fabric.


  • Cotton brocade fabric

This fabric has a featherier and airier feel and appearance. It has a stylish, exquisite look that the weavers further highlight by using the smaller and more ultra-fine design. To make fashionable and traditional outfits, such as sarees, skirts, and salwar kameez we use Cotton brocade fabric.


  • Banarasi Fabric


The Banarasi brocade fabric is an expensive and luxurious one. It is a silk brocade fabric that uses silver, gold, or copper threads to build unique, attractive designs. When we see these industries by wealthy shopkeepers, nobles, and the Royal families, They use gold and silver threads. With time weavers started using economical replacement to broaden the customer support for the Zari brocade fabrics. The world-famous traditional, beautiful Banarasi Sarees become By using this fabric. You can find this brocade online easily.


  • Discontinuous Brocade


In this brocade, people use the extra thread only in the decorated portion.


  • Synthetic Brocade


Synthetic brocade is a product of synthetic fibers and is not so expensive as silk and cotton brocade. It is less costly than brocade fabrics entwined with silk or cotton. However, low costing does not mean that they are comfortable to wear. No, they are not as soft and comfy as the natural fabrics.


  • Himru Brocade


India mainly makes it and also use it. Himru brocade is a mixture of silk and cotton. Therefore, when you wear it, it is soft, feathery, and slightly stretchy like cotton. However, it is long-lasting and has the attractive shining of silk.


Indian brocade fabrics come in various colors, materials, and patterns. Shades like bright red, green, blue, and yellow to plain fawn and black, various color options are there presently. Likewise, the material selection is also very diverse, along with classic silk and cotton, including chiffon, georgette, and muslin. The design woven into the fabric includes bits of Persian influence artistry, mythological view, nature-based painting like flowers, trees, and other Indian attractive designs. Presently, weavers also assimilate the latest, western-influenced designs to attract a large number of customers.


You can easily buy ready-made brocade online. However, some people prefer to buy a cloth piece of brocade online. And tailor it afterward depending upon the choice.


As brocade fabrics have a beautiful appearance, detailed look, therefore, you should wear rich-looking accessories with them. For example, people use to pair dark blue brocade fabric with golden zari work with gold jewelry like bangles, mang-tika. On the other hand, an ethical bright-colored brocade outfit can go well with Kundan and Polki jewelry.

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