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What is DownloadGram? Is it Safe to Use?

Instagram is a widely held social media platform where users can share their video clips and photographs. Geographical and hashtags are the main tagging methods that even have filters for all uploads. And users can approve followers to see their posts or simply post them publicly. Instagram is an interesting place for people who share their moments. Followers can react and scroll down, search posts using hashtags, and so on to enjoy their leisure.  But, how to download Instagram photos and videos? Unlike many social media platforms, Insta does not has a download or save option. Therefore, DownloadGram Instagram downloader would be a great suggestion.

Use Instagram

Instagram photos and videos downloader – DownloadGram

DownloadGram is the best suggestion to download Instagram photos and videos. It only takes seconds to save files. Since Instagram does not have its very own Download option, users must keep third-party tools to save interesting media on their devices. The web suggests many similar tools. But having a method to download photographs and videos in their true quality is important. DownloadGram is one of the best tools that support true media quality. And the service of DownloadGram is absolutely free. It can download countless media files including albums, reels, and stories.

How to use DownloadGram?

DownloadGram is not a downloadable tool. It does not need to install on any device. In simply, it is an online platform. Just copy and paste the link to the post and save the photograph or the video clip.

  1. Tap and launch the Instagram app
  2. Search or scroll down to the image or video that wish to download
  3. Open the options list of the post. Three dots list in the top right corner of the post stands for options
  4. Copy the post link right now
  5. Visit DownloadGram website
  6. Open the platform and paste the copied post link in the specified section
  7. Tap the “Download Now” button 
  8. Gain tap on the “Download” button
  9. DownloadGram will download the relevant media file in seconds
  10. Check your gallery for the saved photograph/video
  11. Important: It is better to check for Instagram updates and use an updated app.

Highlights of the best Instagram downloader

  • No need to download and install the tool
  • DownloadGram can download media files instantly
  • The fastest way to download Instagram photographs and video clips
  • Photographs and videos can save in true quality
  • Download unlimited files
  • Supports JPG format for photos
  • It can open and use on any operating system and any platform
  • DownloadGram can convert respective files to MP4 format

DownloadGram Free for everyone

Download Instagram videos and photos are no longer complicated. Anyone can use DownloadGram as a tool that saves media from Instagram. The tool does not have a certain platform or an operating system to perform. And even it does not ask users to download to the respective device for it is completely an online platform. The tool can let you save the moment as an advanced media file. Moreover, DownloadGram Instagram is very simple and can understand easily. It takes a few seconds to download any media to your gallery. 


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