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What Is Chiropractic?

Do you have pain? You are not alone. Most people will experience some kind of chronic discomfort at least once in their life, but it doesn’t need to stay that way! Chiropractic care can help put your muscles and joints into better positions so they work more efficiently – this blog post is about why chiropractor treatment could be the answer for what’s hurting me now  or maybe even something smaller like an old injury from years ago…


The Back on Trac system is a new method of healing your back that you can use at home. You won’t need to use heavy straps and shackles anymore because the machine only requires one small piece – just place yourself over its edge with arms stretched out across supports, then let gravity do all work as it tilts back gently stretching muscles in the lower spine area while speeding up recovery time by allowing side-to-side bending under traction rather than straight forward movement alone!

Neck Pain

Diversified spinal manipulation is the primary treatment for neck pain. There are some doctors who adjust people’s backs, but not all of them have been properly trained in this area and can leave you with a less than satisfactory experience! Dr. Maass is a chiropractor who has had many hours of additional training from top spine specialists across America ensuring that he provides only high-quality care by going through rigorous training programs on how to correctly perform manipulations with his hands as well as receiving advanced certification courses focusing exclusively upon back issues such us occurring at workplaces around our nation today due largely because workers spend long periods sitting down or standing up straight without moving their bodies side

Body Contouring

Low-Level Light Therapy has been shown to be effective for both wound healing and scar reduction. The ContourLight was originally developed by NASA, but some people found that they were losing pounds instead of inches! Now you can burn more fat with our new product – the LLLT system from Motus Chiropractic in Yukon OK


The battle is not always won in the war against pain and illness. But when you’re ready, we will help restore your body’s natural way of moving so that no matter what life throws at you – whether it be an injury or just old age-you can still feel confident taking on any challenge with ease.

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