What Is a Local Link and How to Find More Local Link Opportunities

Link building is one of the most sought-after yet misunderstood aspects of SEO. In fact, it’s the most important aspect because links are still one of the primary ranking factors in Google’s algorithm.  

Local link building is a particular type of link building that you need to focus on if you want to get successful in local SEO. It’s also one of the least known forms of link building so let’s start in detail. Houston SEO company experts have defined local SEO in a way that helps businesses understand the whole idea behind it.

What is local link building?

Local link building is the process of finding relevant links to your site that are geographically based. These links point to your site from sources in a specific area. It’s the practice of increasing local rankings with links relevant to the business’s location.

The aim is to find link partners with whom you can build a mutually beneficial relationship in order to improve search rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Local link building is a little different from traditional link building because you need to find local sources for these links. You can’t just go out and find the first site you see. You need to find sites relevant to your geographical location, which is why local link building takes a little more time than regular link building.

Why is local link building important?

The importance of local link building is that it will take your site one step closer to local search rankings. Google has stated that its algorithm considers geography when providing search results. 

Although other factors such as quality content and link building still play a role, you should take steps to improve your rankings in your local area.

How to find more local link opportunities?

Now that you have a true understanding of local link building, let’s talk about finding more opportunities. You need to remember that not all link-building opportunities are equal. Your aim should always be to get quality links over quantity.

That said, here are a few tips to help you find quality link-building opportunities.

Tip 1: Start by networking with competitors

If your company is in a region with only a few competitors, it may be difficult to find links. However, you can still benefit from link building by networking with your competition.

You can create a list of your competitors and research their backlink profiles. Check out their PR, anchor text distribution, backlinks, etc., to get an idea of what links you can get.

Also, look at their social media profiles and see if they have any good opportunities you can link to. For example, if they have any popular social media accounts that you can link to from your blog.

Tip 2: Research your competitors’ backlinks

Once you have a list of your competitors, it’s time to research their backlinks. Use tools like Majestic or Ahrefs to get an idea of the number and quality of their backlinks.

Once you have this backlinks list, you should do some outreach to these sites to see if they are interested in linking to you or your business. You can use email outreach, social media, comment on their blog posts, etc. SEO company in Houston also suggest you can use blogger outreach platforms like Ninja Outreach to find more link opportunities. 

Tip 3: Find local link opportunities with Google

Another great local SEO tactic is to find local link opportunities by using Google. Simply type in your city and state into the search bar and hit enter. You will then see a list of links that are relevant to you.

This is a quick way to discover some new sites with potential links. As always, don’t just copy and paste these links and move on. Take your time and do research well to make sure you grab a link that is genuinely relevant to your business.

Tip 4: Reach out to sites in your niche

There are many link opportunities you can easily find with a little bit of research. If you want to find more local link opportunities, start researching sites that are relevant to your niche. Find their personal contact information and reach out with info about why they should add a link to your site.

It’s also worth checking out the sites that are linking to your competitors, as you can use this knowledge to find some more link opportunities. Reach out to these sites and show them why you are better than your competitors. You should stay far away from any black hat tactics; instead, focus on creating high-quality content that site owners would be interested in linking to.

Tip 5: Get involved in your community

Finally, one great way to build links is by getting involved in your community. It can be done on a local or national scale, depending on the size of your business. You can create relevant content about questions people are asking in your area, along with some answers. Try to answer these common questions by your target audience.

When you have a good answer, add a link back to your site at the bottom of your article. This is a great way to attract links from sites in your area that are looking for answers to common questions. SEO services include creating authoritative blogs with fresh content, analyzing competitors’ backlinks, and outreach to potential linkers.

Do’s and Don’ts of local link building


  • Do try build links only from relevant sites
  • Do spend time researching the site before you approach them for a link
  • Do try to answer questions that are relevant to your industry for better results
  • Do consider hiring a professional SEO company to help you find new link opportunities


  • Don’t be tempted by quantity over quality
  • Don’t expect to receive a reply or link if you don’t follow this piece of advice
  • Don’t expect results overnight; building links takes time
  • Don’t try to build links lazily by simply copying and paste


As you can see, finding new backlinks is not as difficult as people make it out to be. By following these tips, you will be doing well on your way to building a good volume of relevant, high-quality links. However, keep in mind that some backlinks are more valuable than others. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to build quality links. Houston SEO company has professionals who can help you find more local link opportunities.

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