What do Parents look for while going through the process of school admission in Dubai?

The ethinic groups Dubai invites into its futuristic city boasts of over 50 nationalities, one of them being Indian. Now for many expats and local Indian families alike who are deciding on the correct schooling institutions for their child, many parameters are looked at. Let us discuss in this edition the guidelines to find the right schools for your child in an international city.

School admissions in Dubai are not as tough as they seem.

Tracking down the right worldwide institute to educate your child can be a tedious errand. Dubai school admissions are quite simple when you don’t take into regard the amount of effort put into research. However, you can make things simpler for yourself by setting up from the beginning what you’re searching for. 

In doing so, you should consider what the main variables are for you: Cost? Educational program? Area? Accessibility of specific courses or exercises? 

Your needs might be impacted by imperatives (for example your financial plan to educate your child ) or inclinations (for example your longing to have the child  to follow a specific country-explicit educational program) or a mix of both. Individual contemplations will probably factor into your needs, like your child’s  character, their ability to  adapt to  necessities and interests.  It can assist to have a family discussion when making a decision regarding this. Some of the factors that influence this decision are as follows: 

Size of the institution 

Worldwide schools can differ in size from as little as one hundred students  to a few thousand in some institutes . It is common to see that some students  flourish in a more modest climate where everybody knows one another and teachers are able to divide their attention individualistically amongst children.

A few schools offer evaluation levels from kindergarten through secondary school while others may take into account a set number through only a certain level of school. For example, offering just essential training for children from the age of 5 through 12 have a separate institution and sometimes do not involve secondary or higher secondary school .

The students age bracket 

Take as an example the fact that you may have more than one child, all of whom are a different age and need to be kept  in a similar school. On the other hand you may have a small child and feel that a school offering just essential evaluations would offer a more favorable and less scary climate than one that likewise has secondary school understudies. 

Another thought that  might influence your decision may be your proposed length of stay in the city, in this case Dubai.

Location of the institutions 

Contingent upon one’s needs, it may be convenient  to pick a school that is near where one is  now living or working. On the flip side  One  may wish to pick a school first and afterward discover some place to live close by. 

While living close to the child’s school is in no way, shape or form compulsory, it is imperative to consider how the distance between the child’s school and your home  may influence your child’s  movement time to and from school.

Choice of curriculum

Out of the many international curriculums available in the city, I feel the one that resonates with most expat parents is the IB curriculum. There are many IB curriculum schools in Dubai

The International Baccalaureate curriculum offers a continuum of worldwide training through four levels that are testing, excellent instructive projects for students from preschool to a higher secondary education.

The Ib projects aim to  empower both self-awareness and scholastic accomplishment, provoking all it’s students  to think with a rational mind set , to pose the right inquiries and to think across the side spectrum of knowledge . An IB education will  additionally encourage an interest and  craving for learning.

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