What are the solutions to quickly remove snow from your car?

When you live in Canada, you quickly become accustomed to waking up to a thick layer of snow covering your vehicle. You may have your own method for getting on the road after a heavy snowfall, but there are effective methods for cleaning snow and ice off your car before backing out of your driveway. Check out these time-saving tips for removing snow from your car!

  1. Park Your Vehicle in a Closed Space

The most obvious tips are sometimes the best. The best way to get rid of snow on your car is to avoid having snowfall on it. If you have a garage or a carport, you can park your vehicle there at least for the night, saving you time defrosting your windshield and removing the pile of snow on your roof. If you don’t want a permanent structure, you can opt for a winter car shelter, which you can set up for the winter and remove when the sun returns.

  1. Make Use of Your Defrosters

Before beginning any snow removal procedure, ensure that your tailpipe is clear of snow and ice so that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are not released back into your vehicle. Then, reach inside your vehicle and turn on your front and rear defrosters to gradually warm up your vehicle’s exterior and assist you in your task.

  1. Avoid Using Hot Water

Harm. The extreme temperature change may cause the windshield glass to crack, leaving you with glass shards everywhere and puddles of water all over the ground, which can be a hazard in and of itself. Avoid using a propane burner over the windshield for the same reason, and also because it can melt the glass.

If non-glass parts of your vehicle, such as your door handle, are covered in ice and snow, you can gently brush the piles away with a steady stream of cold water.

  1. Use the Proper Tools

One of the most important things you can do to clean snow and ice off your car is to use the proper tools throughout the process. Avoid using any metal, including metal ice scrapers sold in stores, because they can leave cuts and scrapes on your windshield or your car’s paint. While you may have heard that combining vinegar and water will also work, this is not necessarily true because you will most likely end up with a damaged windshield.

Instead, work with a plastic ice scraper and a soft, nonabrasive foam brush. It’s best to use a brush designed specifically for snow; anything else can leave scratches.

  1. Work Your Way Down From the Top

Begin at the top of the car with your new brush, pulling the snow toward you rather than pushing it away. Repeat the process on your windshield and hood, and then on your back window and trunk area, until almost all the snow and ice has been removed from your vehicle. Make sure that the only snow and ice you leave behind are small chunks that will melt naturally with the help of your defroster; otherwise, larger chunks may fall while you’re driving and obstruct your car or others on the road.

Allow yourself enough time to safely remove the snow and ice from your vehicle if you want to continue enjoying your car. This precaution can help you avoid costly repairs and keep your vehicle in good condition for a long time.

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