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What Are The Prominent Types Of Natural Stone Surface Finishes?

Have you been wondering about the countertop options regarding Natural Stone Surface Finishes? You have landed in the right section. Here, we are going to share more about it in a detailed manner. 

We all want the best natural stone finish indeed. It helps to make your home look incredibly beautiful and outstanding. Since there are many finishes, it becomes a bit tough to choose the right option. We are going to mention a detailed report to emphasize it in a detailed manner. 

Let us check it out – 

Polished Finish  

It is one of the most common finishes indeed. Stones coming from the quarry hold polished faces. It would not be an exaggeration that a polished, sophisticated, and classy look leads to stone’s natural beauty. It lifts the elegance of your space. A polished finish holds incredible mirror-like shine indicating light and draws attention towards the stone. 

  • It makes you have a smooth work surface 
  • Polished finish option is available in any countertop application or flooring available in sophisticatedly formal room
  • Grinding and buffing makes it easy to achieve a polished finish which makes the entire stone have a sleek and slippery surface
  •  The stone slab goes through a sophisticated series of polishing wheels which goes excellent with coarse to have extremely abrasive pads and these pads do add pressure to the stone 

Honed Finish  

A honed finish comes with a satin buffed or matte appearance. This required finish will be having less reflection as well as shine in comparison to a polished finish and creating a softer look. It helps to evoke a highly casual and relaxed vibe along with maintaining beautiful high class as well as character. This finish probably would not show the shade, color, and texture of the granite even if it were the polished finish. You may go with it if you want to go with a muted appearance. 

Leathered Finish  

Leathered Stone comes up with a textured and pebbly surface along with small pits and fissures which is quite similar to the surface of a fine piece of leather. The best thing is that texture would be varying from piece to piece and chances are high that some stone would be having a more pronounced leather finish comparing other options. 

The entire effect remains warm, attractive, and a bit rustic. Generally, leather natural stone surface finishes are not that way much glossy or look quite polished. It comes up with needed depth having a honed finish. 

  • The leather finish is indeed an incredible option in the context of bar tops, bathrooms, fireplace covers
  • Talking about the leather finish, it is achieved after removing the polished face. 
  • Grind the surface along with leathering brushes along with applying high pressure to the surface, it is accomplished using the long-bristled brushes. 

Here, it needs to mention that polished, honed, and leathered are regarded as being the highly common residential Natural Stone Surface Finishes but there is a variety of additional finishes available considered better for commercial space. 

Flamed Finish – 

Flamed Granite is regarded as a textured surface, which is a bit bumpy. Here, it needs to mention that the process can also lighten the finish of the stone a bit more new shades, it creates an excellent natural look and a faded lighter appearance. The best thing is that the textured surface also plays a major role to create a non-slip surface ideal for the outdoors. Here, it needs to mention that an ideal application for a flamed finish would truly be an outdoor kitchen, pavers, and exterior walls. 

Tumbled Finish – 

The next on the list is Tumbled Finish, which is known for having rough and chipped edges.  It is known for producing weather or distressed looks. It could be mentioned that this age probably looks quite fascinating, which you probably have been looking for. 

Here, it needs to mention that the aged appearance is also known for making an ideal finish to have high traffic areas or areas such as a bathroom having a smooth stone probably be slippery when damp or wet. Talking about this finish, it is achieved by putting the pieces into a tumbler as well as mixing them up they get worn and chipped. 

Bush Hammered Finish – 

Talking about the bush-hammered finish, it comes up with a variety of textures right from fine to coarse. The finished product is a quite bumpy surface along with extreme or shallow grooves. A finishing machine along with pneumatic hammers is used to carve the surface indeed.

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And The Final Thought – 

Hope the shared information has made you clear about all sorts of confusion. Now, you may easily choose which finishing you exactly want. You need to choose the right finishing going with your needs and requirements. When it comes to having the best finishing, the importance of natural riven cannot be circumvented at all. 

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