What Are the Most Valuable Sources of Scrap Metals in Adelaide?

In many manufacturing and industrial businesses, recycling can be little more than a necessary evil — a final task to decrease expenses before closing out jobs. That said, not all Sa copper scraps metal are created equal, and knowing what to keep an eye out for can help you maximize your value when it comes time to salvage your manufacturing and industrial metal waste. Particularly if you don’t have the time or human resources to recycle all your scrap metal, knowing which ones are most expensive can help you determine how to best use your time.  

What Are the Most Important Scrap Metals?

Knowing the most important scrap metals will help you focus on what items will make you the most price at a scrapyard. While the value of scrap metals Adelaide is constantly in flux depending on your area and national availability, certain metals, as a rule, are more costly than others. 

Ferrous metals (those containing iron) are recovered in more important quantities. However, non-ferrous ones tend to be still easily available if you know where to look, and they are much more costly. Here are the three types of metals to keep a centre out for: 

Copper. On common, copper is the most costly metal for scrappers. While the price shifts, it is usually worth several dollars per pound, making it several times more important than other metals. Copper is used in many making and industrial applications, you may be sitting on a pile of hard money. 

Brass. Brass is far from valuable metal, but it tends to have a good price for scrappers because of its relative scarcity. Additionally, the value of manufacturing brass is higher than that of other metals due to the elements of this compound (copper, zinc, etc.), so recycling saves companies a lot of cash. 

Aluminium. It might be tempting to view aluminium, mainly because of its prevalence, but that’s the exact reason it advances for such good scrap. Aluminium’s price per pound cost is low. Still, because you can make massive quantities of it easily, you can make a good copper quickly, depending on the nature of your company. 

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These Scrap Metals Most Readily Found

If you’re in a business where scrap metal is plentiful, such as construction or manufacturing. Knowing what to prioritize for scrapping can be a major give your bottom line a good boost. 

When it comes to copper, pipes, utility lines, and wires are good sources for the scrap yard. We’ll take copper in any form, whether it’s pipes, shavings or old roofing!  Copper is commonly found in any electronics environment. 

As far as brass goes, your supply might be a little harder to come by, but there are still plenty of places to find it. Generally, if a door has a lock or doorknob, there is probably brass involved. If you’re working in the automotive industry, watch out for radiators or door handles. You can also find brass in pipes and faucets, so always set aside plumbing materials for salvage. 

If you’re not sure what metal is, the chances are good that it’s aluminium. Aluminium will many of the same sites other metals and will likely easiest to locate. In addition to pipes and wiring, aluminium is commonly found in roofing, gutters, door and window frames, wheels and rims. 

Get Help from the Recycling Experts at Super Metal Recycling 

Whatever free scrap metal pick up you’re looking to get rid of, Sa Copper Scraps is here to help make the process go smoothly. If you’re closing out a work site or job. Whether you have leftover materials sitting in the garbage or old equipment. There’s no reason you can’t make some extra cash during the cleanup process.  

And if you don’t have the energy for recycling at the end of a job, we can arrange a pickup for your scrap metal. If you’re planning to be on a worksite for a while. We can also set you up with a recycling container to fill as you go; when it’s complete, we will pick it up and write you a check! Time is money, and so is your scrap metal — and we’ll help you get the best scrap price in Adelaide.

At Sa Copper Scraps, we are happy to make your scrapping process as seamless as possible. Construction companies looking to make the most out of their cleanup process can always require a fair price from us. Along with convenient service and years of construction industry scrap metal recycling expertise. 

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