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Best Heart TreatmentHealth and Fitness

What are the best heart treatments without surgery?

About heart diseases

The term “heart disease” refers to various types of critical conditions of the heart. The most common kind of heart problem or disease is in which the normal blood flow to our heart gets affected. This reduction in blood flow can easily become the cause of a heart attack. To get a cure for this, it is good to consult the top heart hospital in Bangalore.

The symptoms of heart disease

Sometimes problems of the heart or heart diseases may come silently and cannot get the scope for diagnosis until a person faces some specific symptoms or signs of a heart problem, heart failure, heart attack, or arrhythmia. When these cases take place, the symptoms can be:

  • Heart failure: Shortness or difficulty in taking breath, tiredness, or swelling of the ankles, feet, legs, neck veins, or abdomen.
  • Arrhythmia: Fluttering or uncommon feelings in the chest, also known as palpitations.
  • Heart attack: Pain in the chest or discomfort, upper back pain or neck pain, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, indigestion, fatigue, discomfort in the upper body, dizziness, and also shortness of breath.

Some heart treatments without surgery:

Some non-surgical treatments of the heart are as follows:

Balloon Angioplasty & the Stenting

If a patient needs emergency treatment, there is also angioplasty. Through this special treatment known as angioplasty, cardiologists can treat patients with clogged or blocked coronary arteries without the need for surgery.

During this special process, a cardiologist threads a catheter, which is balloon-tipped to the area of the blocked or narrowed artery, and then can inflate the balloon to easily open the vessel.

Vascular stenting can also be performed simultaneously as angioplasty. This procedure includes the placing of a small, wire-type mesh tube known as a stent into the opened artery. Stents are a special type of permanent device used to keep the artery clear and open.

Drug for the Heart Disease

Many types of heart conditions can be successfully treated by using various types of powerful medication, including atherosclerosis which is the problem of the hardening of the arteries, and also the problems of high blood pressure.

The top heart hospital in Bangalore can also treat heart attacks by providing some thrombolytic medications intravenously in order to dissolve the clot of the blood causing the problems of a heart attack.


Through the process of cardiac mapping, the electrophysiologists can easily identify the reason for the irregular heartbeat and can correct the issue by using ablation. This procedure can correct the problems of electrical conduction that cause the heart rates to become abnormally fast.

Those who have deadly arrhythmias may need implantation of a cardiac defibrillator that can deliver a life-saving electrical impulse to take the heart to its normal rhythm.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is another special component for the recovery of many heart patients who have already faced various heart problems. The top heart hospital in Bangalore offers various types of cardiac rehabilitation programs, useful for meeting your needs.

Cardiac rehabilitation offers a strong foundation for the better health of the heart. By taking the special steps to improve the health of your heart now, you can stop the progress of various heart diseases and thus can reduce the risk of impending heart problems. This is done in the top heart hospital in Bangalore.

Therefore, there are some really useful heart treatments without the need for surgery, and you can get to avail those treatments in the top heart hospital in Bangalore.


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