What are the best characteristics of the school according to parents?

A great emphasis has been laid on the word school , thanks to awareness among the parents. Today, it is not a medium to get academically trained. Rather, it is a bridge that helps the child catapult a challenge to opportunity. Unlike olden times, today, before enrolling the child, the parents watch pedagogy, the school’s vision, approach, workforce, culture, ethics, etc. Their approach should be global.

Here, we have written the characteristics of the school that every parent wants.

  1.     The school curriculum should be engaging.

Engaging children is the first step that puts a lasting imprint in the minds of young readers. The school should engage children in various activities like yoga, performing arts, coding, and sports to channelize their energies productively.

  1.     The focus should be on holistic development.

The best school in Pune focuses on the holistic development of the children. The pedagogy, design, and curriculum should be tuned to the present times. In this way, the students will learn new skills. The project-based approach provides ample opportunities to the students to enhance their critical skills and increase their creativity levels.  Certain schools have associated themselves with tech institutes and added new technology courses like artificial intelligence, augment research, robotics, etc. This type of education is really helpful for the younger generation.

  1.     Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure of schools can support learning, instruction and assessment more effectively. Effective education must incorporate lessons from data, technology and social context. Whether you are enrolling your child in the best primary school or secondary education, make sure that the school is digitally equipped.  The schools need to redesign their curriculum to add emerging technologies in their syllabus in a phased manner. It will improve their career growth and intrigue curiosity among the young minds. The schools should focus on digital literacy.

  1.     The basic foundation and ethics

The school educators, peers play an important part in shaping the life of the children.  With the help of a project-based approach, they can teach the kids team-building sharing, integrity, respect for diversity, tolerance, and collaboration qualities. Every parent want to develop these traits among their children, and the school can help with it

  1.     Education

Apart from improving their skills, education or academics is vital for the developing child’s mind set. From an early age, one should train the child in a way that he becomes independent.  Purposeful activities like germination can be embedded in their daily curriculum to make them understand environmental sustainability. Making the children aware of global issues helps them to stay responsible. It’s time to move beyond traditional and unproductive learning methods. At GMP school, ample opportunities are provided to the students for debates that help educators implement the best practices. The school should aim at the sustainable development of children.

  1.     The school should have a vision for the future.

Having a visionary approach makes the school responsible and pins new hopes in the minds of young children.  A good school should experiment with new methodologies where teaching and learning are fun. They should draft a comprehensive blueprint for the same and a method on how to achieve it.

  1.     Workshops and demonstrations

The world is going beyond bookish knowledge, and hence to make the child future-ready, the school should conduct workshops and demonstrations. Through it, they can help your child to understand the difference between good touch and bad touch, how to know that you are abused, global concerns that the world is facing, etc. 

 Last few words

A good nursery school walks beyond traditional learning methods and is never afraid to bring an innovative approach to its pedagogy. These are the characteristics that every parent wishes to find in a school. 

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