What are bollard lights and their key considerations?

Regardless of the purpose or kind of lighting fixture, the light sources play a vital role in lighting quality and lighting control. LEDs are well known for their exceptional benefits, such as their longer life span, higher efficiency, lower energy consumption, stable function in cold temperatures, directional light, etc. LEDs are the appropriate light source for exterior bollard lights because of these characteristics. Bollard lights are often used for external illumination, such as on pathways and roadways. Bollard lights appear to be similar to street lights.

What are bollard lights?

Bollard lights are simple lights attached to a specific style of post. They are widely used to illuminate paths and driveways. They also act as a barrier, keeping automobiles where they should be.

Bollards can be cylindrical, circular, or square in shape. Generally, both the upper and bottom enclosures of bollards are cast aluminum or stainless steel.

Bollard lights illuminate paths, sidewalks, parking lots, and other outdoor areas. Because of their gentle illumination, bollard lights are ideal for creating a peaceful atmosphere and emphasizing plants.

Why do we need bollard lights?

  • Illumination and aesthetic function

Bollard lights serve both illumination and an aesthetic purpose. Bollard lights illuminate the floor and surrounding surroundings, providing gentle but not overpowering lighting and directing traffic. They may embellish plants and structures, resulting in a beautiful landscape and a relaxing ambiance.

  • less light pollution

Bollard lights offer ground-level illumination without blinding or irritating traffic and pedestrians. Because bollard lights shine at a lower altitude, they do not annoy people while brightening up the ground.

Ensure safety

Bollard lights provide safety at night. They also actually serve as a barrier between pedestrians and driveways, safeguarding both pedestrians and cars. The unique surface and top designs of bollard lights can prevent vehicular traffic from stopping the traveling vehicle without causing damage to the inner components.

Minimize crime

Bollard lights have the potential to reduce crime throughout the night. The illumination provided by bollard lights deters thieves and looters. Furthermore, to some extent, bollard lights prevent criminals and looters from wreaking devastation.

What are the requirements for bollard lights?

Electricity supply

The power is the base of bollard lights. The bollard light cannot be illuminated if there is no power. Bollard lights are powered by electric cables that have been pre-buried beneath the earth. On the other hand, solar bollard lights are an exception because they do not require wiring.

High-quality materials

Like traffic guards and exterior fixtures, Bollard lights should be of excellent quality and long-lasting. Because of the harsh environment, such as severe temperatures, heavy rain, and direct sunshine, bollard lights must be waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and impact resistant.

Height and space

The height and spacing of bollard lights vary depending on the use. In general, a higher mounting height lights a lower light level and spans a greater distance from the fixtures. A wider spacing for institutions with a greater mounting height will be more suited. On the other hand, lower mounting height necessitates closer spacing between fixtures. Bollard lights are typically available in three sizes: 20cm, 50cm, and 90cm.

Lighting distribution

The visual experience of individuals is connected with the lighting distribution of bollard lights. Improper lighting distribution can result in lighting pollution such as glare and trespass. Excessive up-lighting is harmful to our eyes and can even result in sudden blindness. Unwanted up-lighting and back-lighting will infiltrate residential areas or structures nearby.


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