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What actually happens in desert safari Dubai

A holiday in Dubai is never completed without visiting its natural heritage. Desert safari Dubai is an open window to the seekers of art, culture and historical inspiration. From watching the widespread sand sea from a bird’s eye view through a hot air balloon to enjoying the preserved cultural activities at the campsite, a desert safari is a platform to meet a new gratifying self. 


A barren land of nomads with the vital signs of life and a blast of colours can be seen nowhere else in the world but in this ancient landmark of Dubai. To know what perks and excitement a desert safari Dubai visit offer you, scroll down your screens till the end.

Unforgettable Happenings at Desert Safari Dubai

1. The Mesmerizing Sunset & Sunrise


The sun calls for the magic to nature lovers at desert safari Dubai. Tourists from faraway lands come to this barren for the sake of witnessing the sun show. You get to witness the sunrise in a morning and overnight desert safari tour, whereas, the captivating sunset can be seen in an evening expedition. People also opt for the amazing view of the sunrise while hot air ballooning from good feet about the deserted ground. This leaves them in awe that nobody could imagine. 


The drowning sun at desert safari, reddening the whole sand ocean into a mystic prospect is immensely stunning which travellers never want to miss. From ecstatic dusk to refreshing dawn, the dunes of Arabia cloak magic.

2. The Enthralling Sand Activities


Safari keeps a complete package of enthralling fun for adrenaline junkies. The SUVs spread over the golden sea heighten their excitement to an extent that they can’t stop themselves taking a sand treat. Dunning bashing in a 4×4 dune buggy, jeep wrangler, or land rover is the best excursion offered by many travel firms. Surfing the reddening high sand dunes during the sunset is a scenic view to imagine.


The fun part continues to horse and camel rides to the farthest limits of desert safari. A camel riding experience on the sand dunes is totally different from riding them in some amusement park. Quad biking is another enthralling activity to sweep into the madness of submerging sand dunes. 


3. The Classic Arabian Eatery

The eatery at desert safari Dubai is divine! Usually, after sand activities and hot air ballooning, the delicious buffet and breakfast menu satisfies the taste buds respectively. A light and healthy breakfast after witnessing the magical sunrise follow to bless your tastebuds with zest.


The BBQ and buffet in an evening and overnight tours unveil the grand savoury. The eatery in a buffet at desert safari includes veg and non-veg cuisines, unlimited access to refreshing beverages, and mouth-watering desserts which you’ll be delighted having there at the nomad’s home. Unlimited Availability of mineral water, refreshing soft drinks, tea, and Arabian style coffee elevated your mood instantly after all the tiring sand activities.

4. The Perks of Arabian Tradition


Being on desert safari Dubai not only opens doors to adventures and eatery but also an insight into the cultural norms of the UAE. It offers you to colour yourself into the beautifully preserved Arabian culture. Getting seated in the folk Arabian Majlis at the campsite while smoking flavorful shisha and hookah is a great means of exchanging thoughts and listening to folk stories by Bedouins. Women and kids enjoy henna painting on their hands and feet which is done by the artists who apply the beautiful Arabian design henna. Get dressed in the cultural Arabian dresses to take cool snaps with your squad.


Falconry is another heritage preserve of Arabs which represents their ancient methods of capturing the prey. You must have seen the falcon photography on different sites which has now become the signature of a Bedouin voyage. Moreover, the appealing ambience of Bedouin-style camps takes you back to ancient times so that you can cherish being in a nomadic region of Dubai to the fullest.


5. The Entertaining Live Events


When you book an evening and overnight desert safari tour, it offers you a great opportunity to enjoy live entertainment there. The hosts of Dubai warmly welcome their guests by showcasing some legit and beguiling moves that you’ll find nowhere else. The famous Tanura dance awakens a mystic in you. 


Arabain belly dancers play with swords while stunning belly dance moves. The blazing fire show leaves the audience stunned when the firemen conjure up in the flame all around. Other entertaining dance forms performed at desert safari are Zumba dance, stick dance, and the traditional Khaleeji dance. Musical evenings of folk Arabian songs strike the harmonious melodies that are so satisfying to listen to. 

6. A photographer’s Paradise 


With the presence of diverse wildlife, who won’t love to take a camera and click? This conservation reserve of Dubai is home to rare species of birds and terrestrial animals comprising the fauna of Dubai. Capture the galloping gazelles, running oryx, hyena, camels, wild birds, and deadly eagles that are only found in marshy plains.


Capture beautiful silhouette shots during the sunset, take group pictures over the rooftop of the jeep with your friends, and click the exquisite landscape of sunrise with a background of hot air balloons floating in the air. Once you get drowned in the beauty of the sand sea, it’s hard to come back.



There is a lot more to get overwhelmed in Desert safari as it is all in all a fully-fledged delightful package for nature lovers, camera freaks, and thrill-seekers. This conservation reserve of the UAE is just a barren land to a faraway listener bus the one who has heard its humming from a closer perspective, has found a perfect paradise in it. The magic of red dunes, the diversity of wildlife, the unlimited shots of entertainment, the traditional ambience of the campsite, the blast of sand sports, and the delicious Arabian cuisine are enough to call the visit to desert safari Dubai an adventure of a lifetime!

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