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Ways 5 know the culture of the industry through interviews

Ways 5  know the culture of the industry through interviews

Things have changed dramatically since COVID-19 hit the world.Ways 5 to know the culture of the industry through interviews

The infectious disease has important implications in general, in personal or professional life.

One of the biggest changes in professional life is the rise of communication.

Every company in the world has realized the need to work from home, but after overcoming the time of forced labor from home, many companies have announced an increase in the number of their employees.

So, communication is the future of work?

This should be a separate conversation.

So, when it comes to communication, reading during a pandemic and making a call, how do you know if it’s for you?

Even before this disease, we were invited to enter the physical industry address and we would have ample evidence in terms of conversations, equipment, tools to make decisions and understand the culture of the industry well.

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However, knowing the culture of the company during the interview can be overwhelming.

Here are 5 ways to get to know the culture of the industry from a distance conversation:

1. Know Your Patience

Before looking for a new job, we all consider good workplaces.

In addition to basics such as costs and profits, make sure you have a list of certain values ​​you expect from the company you want to work for.

Corporate culture may have meaningless insights, unless you mean a part of tradition. So you know yourself and what you are looking for in another company.

Also be sure to consider some free admissions. It means a big red flag in a company with a corporate culture. It helps to examine the culture of the company during the interview.

If there are certain things in the company that you culturally expect and do not tolerate, you can review the company better during the interview.Ways 5 to know the culture of the industry through interviews

2. Ask questions about corporate culture

First, try to ask a lot of questions during the interview, using a list of prospects and not acceptance for company culture.

If you speak remotely, you should make a list of specific questions you want to ask the interviewer.

Be careful not to ask obvious questions such as “Tell me about your company tradition” or similar things from your interviewer who will give you great written answers.

Instead, ask for a description of the company system in your list.

Here is a list of examples to ask:

How has your company culture changed since the beginning of communication?
How do you maintain team spirit when you’re working hard?
What traditions do you have for employees working in your management company?
How do you assess the mental health of your team members?
Questions like these can give you a valuable insight into corporate culture.

3. Conduct a survey

Moment to be Sherlock Holmes first and get the complete list of cultures you are looking for in the industry!

You might lie on the back of your phone far away or record a bad case, but remember that this world is at your fingertips. Internet

Submit your survey online to check out your company’s website. Spend time there and explore how businesses differentiate global cultures.

Check out the Services and Information section of the website to give you an idea of ​​what the company trusts.

The company reports on document project groups, company events, locations, and more. Check the information. It also gives you an idea of ​​how to deal with everything related to friends and company. ..

Click on your advertising account to see how to interact with online shoppers. His views on his customers and recipients, and the world of media, can give him an idea of ​​what a company trusts.

Lastly, accessing employee reviews on platforms such as AmbitionBox eliminates the need for users to leave information about the company.

4. Connect with the original user

People who work in the company is often able to speak about the company’s culture.

Current employees may not care to talk about the company, but former employees can give a detailed review of their experience.

Connect with some of your employees on LinkedIn and get your first review of the company.

If you want to have a good conversation or have no doubts about the company, you can get them to call.

5. Observe action

All of the above criteria are required to judge a company’s culture during an interview, but checking out the interviewer will give you everything you need to know.

If asked a question or group, control the behavior.

See how they relate to each other. She gave everyone the opportunity to talk and ask questions during the interview.

Is she sick of one with talking to you or asking? Do they appreciate it?

In addition, if the groups you use are homogeneous, diversity may not be a major issue.

From these small lines, you can read information about the culture of the company.

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