Want to buy a used car, do you know how to check the condition of the car?

The topic of the recent two sessions is continuing to be hot, and there are also many new regulations on the auto industry in the two sessions: the soon-to-be-completed abolition of the used car restriction policy, it is estimated that a second-hand car boom will be triggered.

However, in the second-hand car market with complex sources and difficult car conditions, many consumers find it difficult to see the doorway. How to check the car to identify the accident car and prevent being deceived? In this article, the master of the car teaches you how to check the condition of the car. And also check sites for guidelines and purchasing second-hand cars at one platform like in Malaysia. And check used car like perodua myvi in reasonable price at the present platform just in RM23,500


The first step: car body appearance inspection

The inspection of the appearance of the vehicle body mainly focuses on the appearance characteristics of the vehicle’s waistline, paint finish, window glass and headlights . If a vehicle has undergone a side collision, the waistline of the vehicle body will definitely be damaged to a certain extent, such as unevenness, bend or asymmetrical, etc.; the factory paint of the vehicle and the paint surface of the later repair fill will have a certain degree of smoothness Differences, and even color differences, can be distinguished by careful observation; under normal circumstances,the small marks on the windows and front and rear windshields of qualified cars are the same, as well as the production date of the two headlights on the front of the vehicle.  The serial number should also be the same, if there is a difference, or the time span is too long, it means that it has been replaced.


Step 2: Inspection of the engine compartment

The engine is the brain of the car. And checking the engine is very important. For checking the engine the main thing to observe is the bolts, stringers, and internal parts as well as internal paint. In advance also check the water tank and water tank racks. 

 If you replace any part that has been disassembled, the bolts on the corresponding connecting piece will be more or less changed, which can be judged by observing the indentation on the surface, whether it is damaged or missing; if the longitudinal beam of the nacelle has welded or corrected traces, It means that the car must have encountered a major safety accident; when the car leaves the factory, the color of the interior paint is basically the same. If there are parts with different colors, it is likely to have been replaced; if the front of the car has been severely impacted. Then the water tank and the water tank frame will be replaced. You can distinguish whether the vehicle has been repaired or not by observing the wrinkles of the water tank frame and the degree of the old and new bolts.


The third step: vehicle interior and exterior decoration inspection

The inspection of the interior and exterior decoration generally focuses on the doors, interior seats, luggage compartment, etc. If the vehicle has a side collision, the surrounding area of ​​the door will cause deformation. This can be judged by observing whether there is an abnormality when the door is opened and closed. For a vehicle of a certain age. If the interior still smells of paint. Then It is likely to have been refurbished. For checking the seat press the seat and observe its recovery time. Generally, the original factory seat has been sitting for a long time, and the recovery after pressing is slow. If the luggage compartment floor or rear tail plate has been cut and welded Traces. Then the vehicle must have suffered a rear-end collision and damaged the tail.


The fourth step: a vehicle test drive

Test drive is the most convenient and intuitive way to find problems. You can use the test drive to check whether the engine starts smoothly, whether it runs smoothly. And whether the jitter is violent, etc. In addition, if the vehicle is over speed bumps or uneven roads. If there is a big abnormal noise, you need to be alert for any potential faults.


The master concludes: 

For consumers with insufficient budgets. Second-hand cars are a better choice. But in the complicated second-hand car market. You still need to pay more attention if you want to buy a safe and satisfactory second-hand car.



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