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Virtual Trade Shows – 10 Exciting Ideas for Your Next Event

Trade shows are significant for not only people but also for businesses. They provide a platform to display a new product. And to understand new demands and trends in the industry. Also, it helps consumers to shortlist the best product for themselves. And these are reasons why we witness lots of trade shows every year around the world.

But last year, just like every other event, trade shows were also cancelled. And due to this, many people faced losses. Since observing social distancing was absolutely necessary, no physical event could be organised. So people turned to technology. And virtual events came across as the only sensible way to host a virtual event. From meetings to conferences, everything happened virtually. And so did the trade shows. But you must be wondering how a trade show can be hosted digitally? Let’s look further into it.

Virtual Trade Show – A Way to Connect With the Virtual Audience

A virtual trade is a trade show that is being organised in a digital medium. It recreates the experience of a physical event in online settings. It relies on a 3-D and interactive environment provided by a virtual event platform or software. The audience in these types of events is connected virtually.

The interface of the virtual event’s landing page usually looks like a lobby. From here, visitors can go to different places like auditoriums, exhibition halls and lounges and many more.

Now you must be wondering why virtual events are taking centre place in the event industry. Apart from the convenience of attending the event from a virtual location, there are several advantages of virtual trade shows. Some of these advantages are

  • The affordability to host an event,
  • Time flexibility,
  • Access to the global market,
  • A much higher ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Multiple options to engage the audience
  • Availability of Networking tools
  • Option of live analytics
  • Feedback at your fingertips

These are some of the few reasons behind the growing popularity of virtual events. Now you know the advantages of hosting a virtual event and are thinking about the ideas for your own virtual trade show, then don’t worry. We have some excellent suggestions for you.

Ideas for Virtual Trade Shows

1.Virtual Automotive Show

Many automobiles manufacturers prefer to introduce their new models to the world in a trade show. Rather than a regular event. Because they believe it is more beneficial to showcase the new car at an auto show. As they get more media coverage which results in higher publicity. And many consider launching a new impressive vehicle in a trade show to demonstrate their capabilities to the world.

So hosting a virtual auto show makes sense.

2.Virtual Tech show

Just like the auto industry, the tech industry also believes in the power of the tech shows. They consider the tech shows to connect with the audience as well as to expand their audience base. Also, it is a matter of prestige for many tech firms to showcase their prowess in innovation at these shows. This move helps the brands to grab the attention of a large number of people. Who like to follow these shows. And because of these reasons, you should go with a virtual tech show.

3.Virtual Food Show

Coming to a more subtle idea. How about a virtual food show? Often people underestimate the popularity of these shows. But you know that there is no shortage of foodies in our world. And cooking has emerged as a favourite habit of people during the lockdown. So, hosting a virtual food show can be a game-changer. And you can surely expect a decent amount of audience at your event.

4.Virtual Real Estate Show

Real estate shows are always proved as crowd-pullers. Not only people who are looking for a new house attend these events. But also those who are looking for investment opportunities in the real estate sector. But due to the pandemic, most of the real estate shows are cancelled. And this doesn’t mean that people have lost their interest in real estate. So, now is the best time to host a virtual real estate show.

5.Virtual Education Show

When it comes to education shows, not only students but also the parents and guardians attend them. Since these educational shows help both the universities/colleges and students, they are considered crucial. These shows help in connecting a prospective student with the right institution. And also, these shows help students in connecting with various education counsellors. So these shows work for both attendees and exhibitors. And that is the reason you can’t go wrong with virtual education shows.

These were some exciting ideas for your next virtual trade show. Let’s move to another crucial aspect. And that is how to make your virtual event stand out from the crowd. 

Ideas for Audience Engagement at Virtual Trade Shows


What can be a better way than engaging your audience with games. Gamification helps your audience to entertain while waiting for the event to begin. And also to relax while switching between one online session to another. For this, you can either make your own games or can link online games with the virtual event platform.


Networking can motivate those people to attend your event who otherwise don’t have any strong reason to attend your event. And also, it is an effective technique to engage the audience at your event. So while deciding a virtual event platform for your event, look for networking tools. Some of our favourite networking tools are – AI matchmaking, 2-way interaction and so on.

Live Chats

Another fascinating way of engaging the audience is to let them communicate among themselves. For this, you can provide them with the option of live chatting. This can be 1:1 chatting or group chatting. Alternatively, you can provide support for third-party apps like WhatsApp and Zoom.

Social Wall

A social wall displays the social media activity of the attendees at your event. This activity is posting photos, videos and text on social media about your event. Not only it will help in engaging the audience but also in promoting your event on social media.

Polling and Surveys

Polling and Surveys are a marvellous way to engage your audience. And also in understanding their preferences, expectations and experience at your event. Usually, pollings contain one or two questions, while surveys include multiple questions.

We hope that this article will help you. So, tell us about your thoughts on virtual trade shows and your favourite ideas.

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