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Vampire Facelift: Procedure, Cost & Recovery

Facial features of a human are quite significant as they affect appearance. However, not everyone is happy with their natural features. They might start missing the glow or rejuvenated look after a certain time period.

Vampire facelift, a scientific method is one of the ways to get a fresh and rejuvenated facial appearance. If you think you are brave enough to use your own blood for a rejuvenated look, you can consider this information valuable.

Who can take Vampire facelift treatment?

This treatment is a perfect option for people who are too young and scared of the scalpel. On the other hand, they want to look younger with a new rejuvenated look on their face. The best age to get this treatment done is 25-34.

The procedure may:

Reduce Wrinkles
Plump Skin
Diminish Acne Scars
Brighten Dull Skin

What are the significant features of the Vampire facelift?

Before going for the facelift, you must be aware of some facts about it. These are some of the key points that one must know.

  • The name Vampire suggests the inclusion of one’s own blood to get a fresh look on the face.
  • Doctors make use of the hyaluronic acid and plasma in the place of microneedles as in a Vampire facial.
  • The desired outcomes of this surgery are a less wrinkled, elastic and fresh look.
  • This treatment is a minimalistic procedure that involves topical anaesthesia.
  • One must make sure that the doctors use sterile equipment for the surgery.
  • The duration of this case is 1 to 2 hours with minimum downtime.
  • It doesn’t matter what the venue of this treatment is. It may be a medical venue or spa.

Desired/ Expected results and facts of Vampire facelift

The main feature of a vampire facelift is the use of one’s own blood to redeem the dullness and replace it with a fresh and rejuvenated-looking face. The effects that are mostly expected by the patients are:

  • A fuller appearance of the skin
  • A significant reduction in wrinkles
  • The reduction in acne and glow on the skin

These are the desired results that one expects from their treatment. However, the intensity of the results may vary from person to person. It is due to the difference in the presence of pigments.

Who should not take a Vampire facelift?

According to the experts, people of every age are fine with taking this treatment. However, there are some conditions that restrict people from taking this treatment:

  • People who are using blood thinners
  • People who are victims of blood cancer
  • Patients with blood infections, HIV and hepatitis C are also not advised to take this treatment

The procedure of the Vampire facelift

The description of the in-depth process is not possible here. However, this is the process of the vampire facelift surgery in terms comfortable for a common man:

  • The first thing is the cleaning of the skin followed by the application of a typical numbing ointment.
  • Then, they might inject their face with a filler and target the areas consisting of wrinkles and creases.
  • They will then take out at least 2 tbsp of blood from the patient’s arm and send it into a centrifuge to separate it from the PRP.
  • Using sterile needle like tools, they will inject the PRO into the skin of your face.

The average cost of this treatment ranges between $1500 to $2500. The best results are attained with multiple sessions and the results might last for a year.

Recovery from Vampire facelift: Duration and causes

The genuine duration of the recovery from the Vampire facelift is 4 to 6 weeks. Since the PRP injections affect the musculoskeletal tissues, it might take them a duration of 6 weeks or more to recover. The causes behind this prolonged duration of recovery are:

  • Natural healing: Although the recovery period of the skin depends upon the skin’s pigment presence, it might take longer to heal naturally.
  • Normalised regeneration of cells: It might need longer for your skin cells to regenerate as it is a natural process.

The duration of the results lasts for 1 to 2 years, pertaining to its dependence on factors like natural rate of cell regeneration, hormonal balance, and age.


Ageing is a natural process that might lead to a reduction in the freshness and rejuvenation of the facial skin. However, with the help of science, it has been made possible to regain a fresh look. The technique used here is the Vampire facelift. It is a process that uses blood to regain the elasticity of the facial skin.

The downside of this process exists for the people who are already the victims of the blood problems such as infections, blood cancer, HIV, hepatitis, and others. Thus, a medical consultation is mandatory for those who are thinking of opting for this option. You can get the best advice with the help of the botox treatment Dubai.

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