Types of Muslim Prayer Beads

What are Muslim prayer beads? Is there a difference between them and religious jewelry worn by Christians or Hindus? In other words, is all Muslim prayer beads created equally, same as Christian beads, or are they slightly different, perhaps a bit larger, slightly smaller? And if so, why?

It is commonly said that Muslim prayer beads are not really prayer beads, no matter how similar they may appear to be. Whatever the shape, material and even the religion, prayer beads used in prayerful situations have one, common characteristic: to aid in reciting sacred texts and reach a superior spiritual state of mind and consciousness. They are, in fact, miniature rosaries worn in prayer. The word is derived from Arabic and is usually translated as a “ringing rosary.” The rosary is a multi-faceted device with multiple uses, including meditation, contemplation, and actual prayer. The rosary is also referred to as “Tabrizi,” “rabie,” or “habehab.”

Muslims use the ubiquitous brown rosary as a regular prayer object

Many Muslims use the ubiquitous brown rosary as a regular prayer object. Others prefer a long, thin silver or gold rosary, which is more appropriate for wearing while praying. Muslims commonly wear their most popular Muslim prayer beads – the ISBE silver or Gold Rosary – along with their standard data (oral submission). They also wear thick black silk or woolen abayas (pilis) or churidars (tight outer garb). Typically, once the fast is completed, they switch their traditional clothing back over to normal clothing.

One thing that many non-muslims fail to realize is that not all Muslim prayer beads are made equal. They do, however, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Many Muslims would wear gold and silver sub nais, which are typically longer and heavier than the ISBE. They are also typically hand crafted and have beautiful hand embroidery work. Many of these decorative devices come in a rainbow of colors and designs, allowing an individual to show off their unique personal style.

The traditional color for Muslim prayer beads is green,

The traditional color for Muslim prayer beads is green, but other colors have become increasingly popular, such as yellow, blue, and pink. This is largely due to religious symbolism and modern trends in fashion. Green is considered the color of nature and is seen as an inspiration for Muslim religious practices. Since nature is associated with paradise and goodness, green is considered a hopeful color for Muslims to use in making their daily prayer attires and decorative accessories.

These beads are also very durable, beautiful, and stylish. Many manufacturers in Asia and Pakistan specialize in custom design jewelry specifically for Islamic religious wear. These manufacturers can produce large quantity orders, which allows them to be very competitive in the global market.

Another type of Muslim prayer bead is called tasbih,

Another type of Muslim prayer bead is called tasbih, which translates to “good” in Arabic. These are usually solid gold or sterling silver and are considered to be a good investment for any devout Muslim. 

Other types of Muslim prayer beads include the popular round cord, which is made of black cord, white gold, platinum, and copper. The round cord is worn by many Muslims because it is easy to wear and very versatile. Its square shape makes it easy to wrap around one’s neck and is therefore very comfortable to wear. This type of tasbih is not considered to be sacred jewelry, however, it is worn by many devout people. Another commonly used tasbih is the solid gold or sterling silver ones. That most people associate with tasbih, and they can come in many styles and sizes.

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