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Types of Kitchen Cabinet Shutters you Should Know Before Installing

The kitchen is the most important area in a home. Optimal space availability in the kitchen is important. Otherwise, one won’t be able to enjoy cooking (in fact, it can become suffocating). Besides having a suffocated feeling while entering there. Kitchen interior designers will be able to suggest you the right one according to the space availability and design pattern of your home.

Types of Modular Kitchen Cabinet Shutters

Modular kitchen shutters are available in a plethora of designs and patterns. Choosing the one that suits the kitchen would amplify the look and convenience. Space availability and the overall arrangement can be the basic criteria for the selection of shutters. Not only the material but also the color, opening type, finish, and many other factors can be examined before determining the one for your kitchen.

Laminate Shutters 

Available in multiple color choices, laminates are the most common type of shutters. Ply or MDF with laminated mica fixed on the surface are called laminates. Good quality laminates are scratch-free and offer decent life.

Lacquered Sheets

Lacquer-coated wooden or metallic shutters offer good looks and durability. These moisture-resistant shutters are common in tropical regions. The hard and shiny lacquer surface is dust resistant as well.

Acrylic Shutters

Waterproof MDF material with acrylic sheets fixed on the surface is another option available for kitchen cabinets. This durable shutter will help maintain the impressive look of the kitchen for years. You can consider acrylic if you have a suitable budget.

Veneer Shutters

Veneer shutters have been one of the best in giving a magnificent appeal to the kitchen. Nonetheless, veneer shutters require frequent maintenance to retain the looks.


A costlier option than most of the other kitchen cabinet shutters, glass shutters render an unparalleled elegance to the kitchen. Providing a distinctive appeal and appearance, glass has become the top choice among kitchen cabinet shutters.


A mixture of different materials, Neolith has gained popularity in a short span of time itself. It is scratch-free and UV resistant, giving a nice appearance to the kitchen.

Types of Modular Kitchen Shutters Based on Operation (Opening and Closing)

The opening and closing method of the kitchen cabinet shutters can be decided based on the space and comfort. The different shutters depending on the normally followed operation pattern are:

Swing Type Shutters

Swing shutters have been available for a long time. The negative factor of this type is that the hinges may start creaking after a few years of operation. Nonetheless, you can avoid the possibility of this issue by installing hinges made of good quality material.

Soft-close Shutters

Soft-close shutters will be smooth and easy to operate. The special mechanism installed will prevent the hard and fast closing of the shutters. These shutters are more suitable for cutlery made of ceramics and glass.

Lift-up Shutters

Shutters with a lift-up option can be convenient to operate even during cooking. Such shutters help in using maximum space and provide a comfortable working space in the kitchen.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are comparatively new types of shutters introduced in the market. You can also keep the shutter partially open in case of a requirement. The roller shutter bearings may require maintenance in a specific frequency to ensure smooth operation.

Flap-up Shutters

Similar to lift-up shutters, flap-up shutters can be useful for kitchens with space constraints. The shutters help in storing the items consuming less space.

Retractable Shutters

You can retract the shutters as and when needed. Retractable shutters are also gaining popularity.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Shutters?

Selecting the right type of kitchen cabinet shutters may turn confusing for many. Discussing the varying options with an experienced modular kitchen designer would be useful to prevent mistakes. Their guidance would be of immense use to finalize the kitchen cabinet shutter appropriate for your home.

Steps to determine the kitchen cabinet shutter:

  •         Evaluate the space available in your kitchen
  •         Check out the feasibility of installing different types of shutters
  •         Discuss with a professional interior designer
  •         Examine the quality of shutters, warranty, etc
  •         Compare whether the design will comprehend the kitchen design or not
  •         Ask for a visit by the kitchen cabinet designers at your home if possible

You can decide upon the kitchen cabinet shutter, once you follow the above-mentioned steps meticulously.

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