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Twin XL Mattress – A Popular Potion For A Healthy Night of Sleep

Mattresses can come in many different sizes based only on personal preferences. If you are shopping for a new mattress, you might be stunned by the wide choice of sizes available on the market today. 

However, one of the most popular mattress sizes is the twin-size bed known as a single bed mattress. Having to choose a twin mattress type for your bed is a good option. But remember, when you plan to buy a twin-sized mattress for your home, make sure you buy an extra-long model. 

While a standard twin mattress comes in size 39′ width x 75′ length, the twin xl mattress dimension measures the same width of 39′ as the twin standard mattress sizes, but the length is 80”’ 

Although twin mattresses are the best fit for studio apartments and smaller rooms, twin xl beds are even better for single adults or single sleepers. Wondering why? Here are five compelling reasons that will convince you that longer is better 

The Extra length Offers More Comfort

A standard twin size mattress is 75 inches, which may seem like plenty of lengths, but it’s not if someone of average or above-average height is sleeping in it—the “extra long” twin mattress measures in at 80 inches. The five extra inches give you more legroom and sleeping space

A Cheaper Alternative

Instead of buying the expensive larger size full bed, king-size bed, split king, the California king, or the queen mattress, the twin xl size mattress is a cheaper alternative, saving you some money in the process!

Children Grow Quickly

Are you confident that your children are going to stop growing at a certain height? It makes sense to err on the side of longer. If you want to get the most out of that mattress, then going extra long will accommodate your kids as they grow.

Perfect For College Students 

Although space may be limited in a college dorm room, college kids don’t want a tiny bed that has their feet hanging over the edge. A long twin mattress makes good sense for comfortability.  

TIP: Make a bunk bed frame out of two by fours that lift the bed 4 or 5 feet from the ground. Now there is room underneath the bed for a desk or small couch.

Guest Sleepovers

What happens when one of your friends or family is in town and would have to sleep over for the night.? So why not have the most miniature bed possible, but with the most leg-room and comfort for the size? The twin Xl size fits in perfectly every guestroom

Depending on your room size and shape of the room, place the XL twin bed in a way that space is maximized. Also, make sure you have a box spring or another support system compatible with your selected size.

Once you have your sizing sorted, consider an adjustable bed frame for the ultimate comfort, and you should get breathable bedding to outfit your new mattress!

Most importantly, to get the best mattress, determine the bedding item’s material. A wide range of materials like nylon, Teflon, foam, and Rexin used to prepare these items. But the best ones are probably the gel memory foam mattress

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