Try These Fixes if You Are Facing Roblox Error

Gaming has become an important part of our lives. If you think games are only for kids, you are wrong. The majority of the gamers are adults in fact, a large number of games are made only for adults. Roblox is a familiar name for those who are involved in PC or mobile games. Here, we are going to talk about roblox error 524. While browsing the internet, I found that a large number of people are asking about this issue. Such a high demand for an answer made me write this blog. Before we get ahead of ourselves, it would be right to talk about the issue first. 

What is roblox error code 524 and the causes behind it?

Roblox error code 524 occurs when you fail to connect to a VIP server. Roblox is a very famous platform where people play games with each other. The number of people playing these games is quite high and they come from different corners of the world. You can join games or you can also host games. Games are hosted in two ways. There is a normal server that anyone can join. On the other hand, some people host games through VIP servers. In the case of VIP servers, you can’t join without an invitation. 

Whatever the reasons maybe, if you are unable to join the VIP server, you will get this error message. In the next section, we are going to talk about some solutions here. 

Make some modifications to the invitation settings

This is the first thing that you can do here. If the settings related to an invitation are not right, you will be unable to receive an invitation from anyone. Here are the steps to do it.

  • After you have opened Roblox, click on Roblox settings
  • Go to the Privacy Settings and click on the option named Who can invite me to a VIP server
  • If you see that Friends option is selected here, change it to Everyone
  • Then, you have to click on the OK button to save these changes. 

A few tips for joining VIP servers

There are some things that you have to keep in mind if you want to join a VIP server. First, you should know the username of the person who is hosting a VIP server. If you have a habit of watching YouTube streams of some of the best players, it would be easy to find their usernames. The username is usually mentioned in the description. Once you have found the username, send an invitation to that person. If that person receives your invitation, click on the join option and you will be able to join that server. In case they don’t receive your invitation, you will unable to join that server. 

VIP servers can be joined only when someone has received the invitation. There is no other way to join it. But you will be unable to get the invitation if the settings allow only your friends to send an invitation. 

Final words

We hope this article helped you in solving the roblox error code 524. There must be a solution mentioned above that would work for you. But if you are having the same issue even after trying all the solutions, you should go for some other options. The first thing that you may try here is going calling the customer support of roblox. They might help you in a situation like this.

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