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Treks to the Himalayas Summer

In Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and others, the Himalayans are the best place to get away from the hot summit in the plains. The Himalayan countries such as Uttarakhand, Himachal, and Jammu & Kashmir, blessed with the bounty of nature, are the paradise for any walker. You’re a fan of adventure? Do you want some summer heat relief? In the summer months, there are countless Himalayan treks great.


These fast, moderate, and challenging adventurous walks will give you a wonderful experience and a much-awaited adrenaline rush.


So if you’re one of the fans of travelers who want to escape the worldly lifestyle of the capital, take the Summer Treks below in the Himalayas.


Valley Of Flowers, Himalayan


A celestial nature residence, called the “valley of the flowers” lies in Uttarakhand, surrounded by mountainous highlands. In 1931 Mountaineer Frank Smith discovered this fabulous tourist and hiking destination. Valley of Flowers has an exotic array of herbs and wild untamed blossoms.


The untouched rivers that flow down the valley are magnificent indeed. The Valley of Flowers is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a great choice for backpackers, photographers, and adventure lovers in the summer.


Kareri Lake Trek, Himalayan


Kareri Lake Trek is a highly mountainous freshwater lake in the Himalayas, located in Dharamsala. This lake is also known as Kumarwah Lake, situated in the foothills of the majestic range of Dhauladhar. Gaddis and Gujjars grazing with their goats and cattle are easy thanks to the lush pastures and wetlands.


Kareri Lake trek is a nice camping spot at night, under a blanket of zillion stars, from an urban madness hubbub. This is one of the Dhauladhar Himalayas’ most beautiful walks. This summer season, plan your weekend trek to Kareri Lake.


Dayara Bugyal Trek, Himalayan


What about luxuriant green wilderness, is it not good? Well, at Dayara Bugyal this is likely. The trip to Dayara Bugyal is better suited during the summers, starting from the holy city of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand. “Bugyal” refers to the meadow.


The exciting walkway crosses the thick forest and offers amazing sights from the Himalayans. Experience the exceptional beauty of Dayara Bugyal in Uttarakhand’s greatest gift called Nature.


Bhrigu Lake Trek, Himalayan


Bhrigu Lake is considered by the locals in the Kullu valley to be high-level lakes in the Himalayas as highly sacred. It is assumed that Sage Bhrigu meditated here and that there were many gods in the Kullu valley here. So the lake becomes a sacred place for the followers.


Trek to the lake Bhrigu starts from Gulaba and has a magnificent view. It is not possible to explain the evolving beauty of the trek. Lush meadows, astonishing views, and total tranquility of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal.


The area has a thick blanket of snow in winter, so the best place to visit Lake Bhrigu near Manali is summer.


Kuari Pass Trek, Himalayans 


Another lovely Himalayan trek in Uttarakhand is the Kuari Pass Trek, which is suitable for beginners. The walkway passes through the dense forest and offers a panorama of the snowy mountains such as Neelkanth and Nanda Devi, to mention just a few.


“Kuari Pass” refers to the entrance. This scenic trek through the Himalayas, in the Nanda Devi Biosphere, is easy to make to beat the heat in summer. In summer.


Chandrakhani Pass Trek, Himalayans 


Located on the snow-capped Deo Tibba peak and the Pir Panjal range in Kullu, Trek to Passo di Chandrakhani is one of the most beautiful passes offering magnificent views. You will cross the Himachal Pradesh village during your trek. This gives you an amazing knowledge of Himachali local culture.


You have many stories to tell, you sit with the locals, you talk with them. Chandrakhani Pass is a visual treat and a great opportunity for a summer break.


Hampta Pass Trek, Himalayans 


Considered one of Himachal Pradesh’s easiest treks, Hampta Pass is an unforgettable journey through nature. This exciting walk decorated with picturesque views of the countryside, lush wetlands, and pristine rivers, is the best time to visit the season.


It’s a 5-day trip, but you can’t explain your experience. The Spiti Valley (Chandratal Lake) and Lahaul Valley can also be explored from here.


Joyfully walk, experience the charisma of the amazing beauty of nature, and relax in the midst of spirit. Take a new journey this summer to explore the mighty Himalayas!

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