Transforming Business For The New Age Using RISE With SAP

Going with the changing times has become a necessity for modern businesses. Adopting a cloud-based approach will pay huge dividends in the future and that is why SAP has come up with a new product called RISE with SAP. It is aimed towards helping different companies with their foray into digital transformation and tries to help companies with limited technical knowledge to get started quickly. It doesn’t matter if you implement it in-house or take help from an SAP Business One consultant, RISE with SAP will help you with transforming your business for the new digital age.

What Is RISE With SAP

RISE with SAP was launched by SAP as the basic platform to help companies migrate to the cloud solutions provided by the company. It is a bundling of existing SAP assets that is packaged as a BTaaS or Busines-Transformation-as-a-Service solution for the customers.

It takes a lot of guesswork out of the cloud adoption process and accelerates its timeline so that the customers can use all the tools they need as quickly as possible. The solution covers six important aspects of a business that was decided after carefully analyzing customer trends and the performance of other SAP products.

RISE with SAP takes inspiration from earlier SAP products to present itself in a set of “ones”, that is:

  • One Offer: different products batched together for a single price
  • One Contract: ability to manage operations, SLA, and issue management with a single contract.

This solution is beneficial for smaller companies that have limited technical expertise and budgets. It will help them incorporate SAP into their system without breaking their bank accounts.

Solutions Included In RISE With SAP

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Suite

SAP S/4 HANA is the flagship enterprise resource planning solution from SAP. Its cloud suite version is included for businesses that don’t want to host the solution on-premise. The solution covers a collection of business solutions like finance, sales, R&D, supply chain management, relationship management, and more.

System Hosting Options

The cloud suite needs to run on a host and SAP offers its servers to the customers to hose the cloud suite. However, other hyperscalers offer the same ability for the customers to choose from.

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

Customers need to connect with trading partners for sourcing, supplying, transport, and other requirements. The SAP Business Network Starter Pack provides that ability to the customers. They can find and manage quality suppliers, track assets in transit, manage inventory, and do a lot more with the solution.

Business Process Intelligence

There are seven key components of Business Process Intelligence in RISE with SAP. They are:

  1. Analyze: This allows data scientists to understand the system closely.
  2. Design and simulate: users can use existing business data to develop simulations to see the best results.
  3. Improve: Increases efficiency through AI, no-code automation, and SAP intelligent RPA.
  4. Roll out and govern: Focuses on governing and process management for end-users.
  5. Monitor: Makes sure everything is working properly.
  6. Model and manage “Home Base”: Gives management area to different departments to collaborate on.
  7. Benchmark: Provides a comparison of the business with aggregated industry information.

Embedded Tools And Services

RISE with SAP gives access to several tools and services such as lifecycle management, analytics, sales, and more. This makes it easier for companies to decide when to move to a cloud ERP solution.

SAP BTP Consumption Credits

SAP understands that every business is different that’s why they provide cloud credits to RISE with SAP license holders. They can use these credits for different areas of the SAP Business Technology Platform rather than using some predefined tools.

Users can choose from SAP S/4HANA integration, SAP Intelligent RPA, and other thousands of options with the help of the credits.

How Is RISE With SAP Transforming Businesses

Regardless of where you are in the business, RISE with SAP can help you transform holistically. It provides a roadmap for companies to implement as per their needs and requirements. This solution simplifies the transformation journey in four steps.

Step 1: A Business Model Redesign

In this step, businesses redesign and optimize their processes to implement the best practices. It obtains tailored recommendations and gives you an insight into how your business processes are performing. For a successful digital transformation project, IT and business leaders need to collaborate and adopt new business models.

Step 2: Alignment With Customer Journey

SAP realizes that every company requires a unique path to move forward. Here are some companies that can need digital transformation.

  • Innovators and digitally grown startups need to scale quickly.
  • Companies that are new to cloud ERP solutions and are ready to go further.
  • Organizations that were at the edge of digital transformation but need to focus on the core.
  • Companies that are familiar with complex on-premises systems.

Step 3: A Technical Migration

The technical services at RISE with SAP ensure a painless migration to a flexible, modular, and standard landscape. Companies can react faster to changing business demands with the help of a consistent data layer. It includes essential services from SAP and its partners that can help eliminate modifications and custom codes. It also helps in governing and harmonizing the data layer of a company.

Step 4: Build An Intelligent Enterprise

While the blueprint to success can be different for different companies, the end destination is the same for all. Adopting cloud-enabled ERP solutions is the key to reaching that destination. RISE with SAP is an amazing tool to get to the destination quickly without any roadblocks. By investing in this SAP solution, customers can get up to a 20% reduction in TCO over five years.


RISE with SAP can be a game-changer for a lot of companies for multiple different reasons. It provides a mixture of commercially successful services to the customers as a bundle with no additional costs. This offering has a substantial business value and customers can exponentially grow their business by gaining access to suppliers and trading partners with SAP’s business network.

Due to a single offer and contract, it becomes easier for companies to manage vendors as well. If RISE with SAP is getting too complicated for your team or you don’t have the required technical expertise, you can contact several SAP Business One consultants as well to help you with the deployment.

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