Toy Box Packaging Guide and Its Types

Toys were exclusively designed for kids in the past. But now, every age group has its exclusive type of toys. Every group perceives toys according to their needs, and the manufacturer knows that. It is the only reason they design toys suitable for adults to increase their needs.  Toy box packaging is an inclusive part of that experience. People who buy toys look at its packaging first. It pushes packaging companies to come up with new and creative ideas for the packaging like blind toy boxes or reverse tuck end boxes

Basic Key requirements for a good Packaging

Packaging comes with a very precise detail of requirements that should be followed accordingly. There are three things that you always have to keep in mind when manufacturing packaging for your product. 

  1. Material
  2. Function
  3. Design


Choosing a high-quality material for the manufacturing process of packaging is very important. You have to be careful when dealing with the retailer. Never compromise on the quality of packaging material because it keeps your product safe and intact. 

Packaging Material has to follow some standard rules when applying. It should follow the following parameters:

  • Sturdy
  • Child safe
  • Hygienic 
  • BPA free
  • Eco friendly.


In today’s world, graphical elements of toy packaging differentiate you from your competition. Designing helps you convey your selling point directly and more effectively. You can deliberately show the actual shape of the toy on the packaging. Sometimes, the actual packaging can be an intuitive and drawing in apparatus. You have activity figures, puzzles, DIY vehicles/creatures, that form the toy as a component of the bundling. For activity figures or dolls, you could have bundling that could transform into their mystery layers or palaces. 

If your consumer cannot look inside the box you can eliminate this problem through packaging design. You can show how the product looks or work on packaging. The graphic element increases the possibility of being selected by the consumer in-store despite any help from the salesperson.  Most of the toys use cartoon graphics, as we can see in the malls, and the sole purpose behind that is to attract children. These characters are also easy to design and add certain vividness and interest to your toy. 

Color element in Toy Packaging

Toy packaging is very important to be colorful, and that is why they are usually designed in bright and too face colors. The color selection that you mostly see of toy packaging is mainly based on the age group for which that product is designed on the color contrast, and characteristics of the products lie in the packaging. Kids mostly like bright colors, and it is very important to keep in mind the consumer mentality. For instance, investigate this intriguing packaging can that is the piece of the get together to make the toy. A vital variable to think about when planning bundles are the promoting power the bundle has. You need the bundling to speak to the two guardians and youngsters. You need to utilize the bundling to sell your image. 

Add Personality to your Packaging

Still, the main consumers that buy your toys from the shelf of shopping malls are children. That is why you must keep their mentality in check when giving a personality to your packaging graphics. You should add a personality that is more popular in kids when designing packaging boxes for toys. Most of them are cartoon characters, you can choose them like celebrities in your packaging graphics. Incredible packaging can give your toy a higher worth. Adding pictures that interface with your crowd, similar to a kid playing with the toy, a grinning kid holding the toy or comparative can invigorate youthful personalities.

Types of Packaging

There are numerous types of toy packaging available in the market nowadays. Here we are going to mention a few of the most popular ones. 

Window frame Toy Packaging

It is a type of packaging that allows customers to look at the original content of the box. It has a transparent window from which customers can look at the actual product. This type of packaging is mostly used to display toys in shopping malls.  Window frame packaging shows that the manufacturer has confidence in its project. It means they will be getting the exact product that is being displayed in front of them. It is a great marketing strategy. 

Plastic Shell Toy Packaging

It is a type of Packaging that can be opened from the middle and clipped again. There are two seals in the Plastic shell packaging. One of them is completely glued, and the other one can be opened according to need.  This type of packaging can also be made transparent. It is made up of hard material, and consumers can look at the product by just clipping off one side of the box. 

Blister Toy Packaging

It is one of the most common toy shells that we can see in the market now. It is made up o a plastic exterior and glued or taped on both ends. This toy packaging box is made up of cardboard, and most contain graphics of toy information and promotion of the brand. 

Reverse tuck end boxes

Last on our list is another unique way of packaging your toys. This type usually uses the mechanism of reverse Tuck to hold the toy in place. You use the custom packaging boxes rear to put your toy in and then seal it properly. It is more fun to get a toy from this packaging than other ones.  The packaging industry is worth over 88 billion dollars. The sole reason for packaging is to give you an edge over your competition. Packaging plays a vital role in the process of getting your toy off the shelf in the hands of children. The packaging should likewise be special to have the option to hang out in a very serious toy market. It ought to speak with your crowd on an enthusiastic level, and lift the allure of the toy it ought to be attractive and dynamic.


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