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Top Tips For Efficient YouTube Marketing For Business

YouTube, one of the most important sources of entertainment on the Internet, is also a valuable channel for companies. Having a corporate YouTube channel can take your content marketing to another level. Assuming, yes, that you have the keys to manage your YouTube channel efficiently. Here we will talk about some youtube marketing tips.


YouTube Marketing – Create your channel, and optimize it

  1. Customize the channel layout

YouTube offers many customization options with its channel editor. You can choose the visual design, the way the content appears on the different types of devices, etc.

Upload a header image that identifies your activity (other than the logo). Do not forget that the appearance of your channel must be in accordance with the image of your brand.


  1. Include your logo in the icon

Surely, the image you want to use as an icon will match your company logo. Make sure the image has a suitable resolution (800 X 800 px).

Avoid images with letters. Keep in mind that it will be reduced, and on some devices, the text may be unreadable.


  1. Optimize your channel name

The name should be short, easy to remember, and descriptive. However, the best option for you is likely to match the brand name.

The name can be optimized for search engines. We will deal with this later.


  1. Same for the description

The description of the channel is of the utmost importance. For example, the channel is about funny movie trailers so you will describe the channel by using the keywords movie trailers or funny movie trailers. Its mission is to provide an overview of the channel, as well as the content that the user can find in it.

The most important keywords and phrases should be placed first.


  1. Include links to your website and/or your profiles on other social networks

As you know, social channels must work together, all of them orchestrated under the same strategy.


  1. Add the subscribe button to your site

And conversely, then in the previous point, you can also add a subscription button to your channel on your website and on other social profiles. You will get to publicize your channel and add subscribers.


  1. Post a video presentation of your channel

With the YouTube channel editing options, you can create a welcome video that is always visible. In addition, you can configure it so that only users who have not yet subscribed to your channel see it (and take advantage of this to invite them to do so).


Learn a little SEO for YouTube videos

It should be remembered that YouTube has the most used search engine after Google, and also, both belong to Mountain View. Therefore, the principles of optimization of YouTube videos for search engines are not different, essentially, from on-page SEO to position blog or web page content on Google.

The optimization will not only serve you for the internal YouTube search engine but also for Internet users who search for content on Google, which is a good opportunity to access a potentially high number of users.


  1. Create a keyword list for your video

If you have a website or a corporate blog, you have probably already drawn up a list with the keywords for which you are interested in positioning your business on the Internet.

In the same way that when you are preparing to create a post when preparing a video for YouTube, you must have a handful of keywords (2-3) to include in the strategic places that we are going to specify in the following points. One of those words (the most relevant) will have a greater role.

Try to choose long-tail (“long-tail”) keywords, which are complete phrases, and which match one or more possible searches related to your video.

YouTube made a keyword search tool available to channel owners: Youtube Keywords Tool. However, Google withdrew the tool, which means that to make keyword lists, we have no choice but to go to the Adwords Keyword Planner as the main tool.


  1. Video title

This is where you have to dump your main keyword, if possible, at the beginning of the title. As in the case of the text in the title tag of a page, it should not exceed 50-60 characters, which is what will appear in the search results.


  1. Description

Add descriptive, complementary, and valuable information. Make sure the volume of text is generous (no less than 500 characters), which will help you to be found.

Obviously, here you must also add your main keyword and the occasional secondary one.

Dump the most relevant information at the beginning of the description. Do not forget that only a small extract of the total text of the description will appear in the Google search results.


  1. add tags to your videos

Tags are words that are used to tag content. They can be generic, like categories, or more specific.

Its function is to “inform” search engines of the content of the video. Search engines have not been able to develop (at least for now) technology to decipher the meaning of audiovisual content. Instead, they read the tags.

Choose words according to your keyword strategy. Don’t cheat! Tags should always be related to the content of the video. Failure to do so could negatively impact your rankings.

Tags will also help you appear in related video suggestions when the user is viewing a video with the same tag.


  1. Take user feedback seriously

It is a concept that is gaining strength in SEO. The response of users is the way in which they interact with our content, and it would be one of the tricks that the search engine uses to evaluate the quality of the videos. Why? Well, because, in general, the better the content, the better response they get from the public.

Some of the important factors in the user response would be:

Viewing time: having users watch a video will provide clues that its content is good. On the contrary, the abandonments would play against us.

The number of visits: the higher it is, the more clues it provides about the quality of the content.

Thumbs up / down: these are the thumbs up and down, which do the functions of “I like” and “I do not like”.

Links: as in the link building focused on web pages, the links that point to the videos suppose a kind of vote in favor.

Times embedded: if someone “embeds” (that is, they copy the code and embed it on their website, their blog, etc.) a video, it is because they liked it. In addition to being indicative of good user response, it will allow you to reach a wider audience.


Create unique and high-quality videos

  1. Make a script

Whether it’s a simple tutorial or a full-blown commercial, your video should stick to a script. Developing it allows you to evaluate the idea before launching into the shoot (assuming you are going to do it yourself and do not outsource this task to a company specialized in video marketing).

Of course, the script can accommodate last-minute changes. Introducing them is a calculated risk. But having everything in writing beforehand is essential, even if you leave some room for improvisation.


  1. Design a plot

To some extent, a 160-minute feature film and a 30-second commercial will use a similar strategy if they are to tell a story.

Every narrative must contain two key elements:

The climax: It is the moment of maximum tension, of greatest emotion, suspense or surprise. All of the above action leads to that peak moment.

The denouement: the story ends. It has an end.

Sometimes the climax and denouement coincide. In other cases, the outcome happens a little later.


  1. Recycle content

For a video to work on YouTube, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a blockbuster. Do you use visual presentations? Do you post them on the company blog with tools like Slideshare? Why not convert visual presentations to video?


  1. Combine video with audio and text or dialogue

Those are the three elements that should come together in any video:

Image: it can be a video itself or a montage made from slides, as we saw in the previous example.

Sound: music is the most effective way to convey emotions. Give your videos a soundtrack!

Text or dialogue: although images and music constitute, in themselves, languages ​​with which you can convey ideas, feelings, etc., you must rely on the text or give voice to your creations.


  1. Experiment with the different formats

There are different types of video that you can use in your content marketing strategy:

Brand Video

Explanatory video


Testimonial video

Corporate culture


  1. Upload a thumbnail of your video

YouTube gives you to choose three frames from which you can choose the one that will serve as a thumbnail image for your video.

For channels whose account is verified, you can add a custom thumbnail image; Very advisable! That’s when you can play with the “design” factor as a lure to draw attention to your video.


Look for the conversion in your YouTube videos

  1. Add annotations with links to your website

One of the most interesting utilities that YouTube provides you is to add links to your web page from the videos.

So you can take advantage of a promotional video, for example, to lead the user to the web page where you offer your product or service.

Get metrics and data


  1. Use YouTube Analytics

This is where it becomes more apparent that behind YouTube is Google’s technology.

YouTube Analytics provides you with data of all kinds (views, traffic sources, demographic data, etc.) with a large number of filters that will allow you to refine the process of collecting information about the results of your activity on this video platform.


At Last

What other tips would you give companies to manage a YouTube channel effectively? Leave your comment.

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