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Ink Narrates, a renowned presentation design agency known for transforming ideas into impactful visual stories, is thrilled to introduce a new initiative – free pitch deck reviews. This initiative is aimed at providing valuable assistance to startups and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their pitch decks, secure investments, and captivate their audiences.
Pitch decks are an integral part of any entrepreneur’s journey, especially when it comes to securing funding. They serve as the vessel through which innovative ideas, visions, and potential are communicated to potential investors. However, crafting a pitch deck that truly shines and makes a memorable impact can be a challenging task.
Ink Narrates, with its team of expert visual storytellers, understands the importance of a well-designed and compelling pitch deck. Co-founder Shivam Batra explains, “We’ve seen brilliant concepts falter due to lackluster presentations. Our goal is to help startups tell their stories effectively and make a lasting impression.”
Simplifying complex ideas, transforming raw data into engaging visual narratives, and ensuring brand consistency are some of the areas in which Ink Narrates has excelled. Over the years, they have partnered with startups from around the world, assisting them in creating pitch decks that leave an indelible mark.
To aid the startup community and contribute to their success, Ink Narrates is now offering free pitch deck reviews. This review service will provide startups with constructive feedback and guidance on various aspects of pitch deck design, including content, flow, design, data visualization, and maintaining consistency throughout the presentation. The service comes with no charges, highlighting the agency’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship.
“We strongly believe in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation,” says Shivam Batra. “Our free pitch deck review service is our way of giving back and supporting startups on their path to success. A well-crafted presentation can be a game-changer for any business.”
This valuable opportunity allows startups to receive professional insights that can potentially lead to a more compelling pitch deck and increased chances of securing investments.
Ink Narrates invites startups and entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity by simply submitting their pitch decks on the agency’s website. The team at Ink Narrates is excited to contribute to the success stories of tomorrow.

To learn more about the free pitch deck review service or connect with Ink Narrates, please visit

About Ink Narrates: Ink Narrates is a globally recognized presentation design agency, known for its specialization in pitch decks, sales decks, business presentations, and presentation design outsourcing. The agency is driven by a team of skilled visual storytelling artists who have a passion for translating business visions into compelling presentations. With their expertise, Ink Narrates has become a trusted partner for startups and businesses worldwide.
Contact, Shivam Batra
Co-Founder, Ink Narrates

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