Top hybrid Super Cars Series and manufacturing

The next generation of supercars will be a hybrid and they are on the market these days.  Following are the top 5 hybrid Super Cars with their spec.

Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid:

Equipped with a 4.5- liter V8 engine with 550 horsepower and two electric motors with 230 horsepower and a combined power of 780 horsepower, the price of the car is between $650,000 and $700,000

 Infiniti Emerge E :

It is equip with two electric motors with lithium batteries, and a three-

Infiniti Emerge E :

It is equip with two electric motors with lithium batteries, and a three-cylinder engine, total horsepower 402 hp, the price is not announced yet .


Finally, the company respondto Acura fans by introducing the NSX, which is equip with three hybrid engines and a VTEC V6 gasoline engine with direct gasoline injectors (injectors).

Bugatti Veyron:

There is no information yet, but the company has stated that it will launch a hybrid version .

 Ferrari Enzo:

Also, there is no information yet, but Ferrari is eager to go into the production of hybrid cars.

Future of Hybrid Cars

Among the fossil fuel-powered cars scattered all over the world and electric cars Which some may consider the future of cars, the hybrid car comes to combine the characteristics of both previous types and gives performance that surpasses them.

Although this type of car is relatively new, it has recently witnessed many updates.

After the invention of the wheel, man began to use it in the manufacture of chariots, which despite its use of muscular thrust; A qualitative leap that contributed to facilitating human movement.

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As he domesticated animals, he started using them to transport wagons, help him on his long trips, and help him transport items and luggage as well.

With the end of the nineteenth century and as a result of the Industrial Revolution appeared Cars that use mechanical engines; It works on burning petroleum fuels to move it, and it began to spread widely among people in the early twentieth century.

Although we still use this type of engine today, the huge rise in oil and fuel prices in previous years.

It made many companies move towards making cars that reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and waste of energy, and this type is known today as hybrid cars.

How hybrid cars work

The hybrid car is very similar to regular cars in terms of appearance, as the difference between the two cars is in terms of energy sources.

Whereas, electric cars use an electric motor that relies on batteries for power, and fossil fuel cars burn diesel or gasoline to move the car.

Hybrid cars use both engines together, there is an internal combustion engine and an electric one inside the car, where the car takes advantage of the features in both to save fuel.

Hybrid car engine principle

The basic principle in hybrid car engines is to select and use the optimum source of power to give you maximum savings and efficiency.

When driving at low speeds, the car’s hybrid system automatically turns off the fuel engine and uses the electric motor as the power source.

Where the energy required for movement is at its minimum, but when driving at higher speeds, both engines work together.

Where the other engine burns fuel to secure the additional energy needed for movement so that the waste of fuel is almost non-existent or minimal.

Hybrid car classifications

Although all cars that use electricity and fuel together as sources of energy called hybrid cars; Not all of these cars share the same design or the same way of working.

Hybrid cars can be classified according to three criteria.

Classification of hybrid cars by type:

True Hybrid

In fact, this classification did not exist for a long time, as all hybrid cars that were manufacture in the beginning were classified under this type, and the traditional hybrid car can be known through the charging method use.

It depends entirely on the use of excess energy in the car to charge the battery, especially the car’s energy when braking.

Plug in Hybrid Cars

This model is consider the oldest model used in the manufacture of hybrid cars, where the internal combustion engine of this type is directly connect to an electric generator that delivers electricity to a special charger.

It recharges the battery, from which electricity is deliver to the controllers that feed the motors connect to the wheels.

Serial System hybrid Super Cars Features

This system offers several advantages:

As the internal combustion engine does not communicate directly with the wheels; This means that you can use it more efficiently and reduce fuel consumption.

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In addition, this system dispenses with the use of gearboxes.

Since the wheels take their energy directly from electric motors, and with them being more efficient than internal combustion engines, this system is consider energy-saving.

And we must not forget that the sequential arrangement allows you to turn off the engine and drive with the energy stored in the battery.

Disadvantages of a serial hybrid car

On the other hand, this chain connection does not allow the use of the internal combustion engine to transmit the movement to the wheels directly.

Also, these parts can be heavy and increase the weight of the car significantly.

Also, the large number of devices located between the internal combustion engine and the electric motor may cause some loss of energy.

This hybrid system is the most prevalent at the present time, used by most companies in their new cars because it is more effective and cheaper than the serial system.

This system is characterize by the fact that the engine is directly connected to the wheels through the gearbox, and from the other side is connect to the gearbox by an electric motor connect to the battery through a controller to adjust the voltage from high to low voltage.

Unlike the serial system, this system does not include an electric generator, which means that the motor does not contribute to charging the batteries.

Therefore, the charging process is carried out exclusively using the energy resulting from braking within cars of a conventional type, or using electricity coming from the network if the car is a rechargeable type.


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