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Top Advantages of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking has become one of the modern must-have kitchen appliances. This is because the advantages of induction cooking are far more compared to the traditional method of gas cooking. Read on to understand how beneficial induction cooking can be and why you should bring home an induction stove.

  1. Efficiency

    Induction cooking helps to reduce the consumption of energy by approximately 70 percent. Further, the energy produced by the induction stove is directly channelized into the cooking utensil. This means that with less usage of power, you can cook faster.

  2. Safety

    Induction cooking is safer than the traditional cooking methods as there is no open flame or fire, which can cause any accidental burns or injuries. The heating automatically stops as soon as the pan is removed from the cooktop. If you have kids at home, you don’t have to worry about their safety while using an induction stove.

  3. Faster Heating

    The food in the pan will be heated and cooked faster while using an induction cooktop; it will also cool down faster. In this way, you can quickly cook several dishes at a fraction of the time taken to cook on a traditional stove.

  4. Automatic Heating

    The induction stove will detect when a utensil is placed and heat after you press the button. The heating will not start after you press the button alone unless you put the pan on top of the induction stovetop. Thus, it reduces the risk involved during heating and cooking.

  5.  Cooler Kitchen Environment

    Induction cooking will help you create a cooler environment in the kitchen as it will only heat the food inside without overheating the cooking utensil or dissipating heat in the atmosphere around. In this way, the surrounding area will not get heated and help keep the kitchen cooler than the conventional stovetops.

    6. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

    When compared to the traditional cooking method, an induction cooktop has a smooth and plain surface, which helps in easy cleaning. There are no hidden corners or nooks, so grease particles or food will not get stuck. You can just simply wipe down the flat surface using a damp cloth to clean it.

    7. Save Space

    Induction stoves are compact when compared with a gas stove. So, they take very little space on the countertop, thus saving space. They are beneficial for use in small kitchens.

    8. Environment-Friendly

    Induction cooking uses less energy and is faster than the traditional methods of cooking. Since it uses less energy, it is regarded to be an environment-friendly option to consider for cooking. By opting for this cooking, you can also contribute your bit to saving the environment. 


    9. Low Energy Bills

    With lesser energy used for stovetop cooking, this mode goes a long way in significantly cutting down your energy bills. So, it’s undoubtedly a much better option than gas stovetops, considering the increasing cost of LPG cylinders in the past year. 


  1. Save Time

    Due to its faster heating through electromagnetism, you can save cooking time significantly. You can spend the time saved in cooking on other hobbies of your interest without slogging in the kitchen all day long.

    11. Modern Cooking Solution for Contemporary Lifestyle

    Induction stoves are modern in appearance and hence match today’s contemporary kitchen décor. It also enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen and makes a perfect addition to your existing range of modern kitchen appliances


Now that you know how beneficial it is to use cooktops, it’s time to ditch the conventional cooking methods and make a shift to induction cooking. 

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