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Top 6 Trending Stylish Kitchen Layouts

Stylish Kitchen, The essential component in maintaining an efficient and practical kitchen space is obtaining the layout right. While your kitchen is small and stuffy or large and open, a sensible plan will allow you to make the best of the space.

There are often more layouts than just installing furniture and cupboards, especially in the stylish kitchen (распродажа кухни). The correct heights, adequate space for pleasant activities, appliance location, and convenience of use will all contribute to your pleasure in the workplace.

While the arrangement of your kitchen is expecting to be described by the design of your house. You may organize the space to make it more functional. Here are some of the most popular kitchen layouts, along with some advice on how to make them work for you.

Here are some suggestions to help you create the kitchen layout you want.


  1. One Wall Kitchen
  2. Galley Kitchen
  3. L-Shaped Kitchen
  4. U-Shaped Kitchen
  5. Island Kitchen
  6. Peninsula Kitchen
  • One Wall Kitchen

This simple structure is commonly used in smaller kitchens to frees up space while maintaining utility. The One-Wall Kitchen is made up of cupboards. It was built against a single wall. It can include top and bottom cabinets and as well as storage above base cabinets for a clean look.


How to Design a One-Wall Kitchen:

Consider the vertical. Because you only have enough space to operate with. Rais your cabinetry as high as possible. It will help you generate more storage. While the classic functional triangle is impossible to achieve in a one-wall kitchen. 

Try attempt to position your refrigerator on one side, the microwave and stove in the center, and the basin on the opposite side. You may also utilize this region as a display area to tie your kitchen’s concept together.


  • Galley Kitchen:

The galley kitchen comprises two sets of cabinets opposing one another. While forming an interior corridor or galley between them, allowing for very efficient cabinet usage. This concept uses every inch of the room without wasting it by removing the necessity for corner cabinets.


How to Design a Galley Kitchen:

The galley kitchen (кухня гарда дсв) provides more storage options due to an extra row of drawers. It’s necessary to get workspaces along just one of the walls, not each. It works especially in larger families or kitchens with numerous cooks. It will allow you to minimize traffic and reduce the danger of injury when travelling through the work zone.


  • L-Shaped Kitchen:

The L-shaped kitchen features cupboards on two perpendicular walls. It is a suitable design choice for small and large stylish kitchens. The open floor plan form of the L-shaped kitchen allows for significant versatility in the arrangement of utilities and work areas. Even though the corner requires some innovative cabinetry solutions to make it functional.


How to Design an L-Shaped Kitchen:

Build a walk-in kitchen cabinet at the end of the kitchen if space allows. In this manner, you won’t waste precious space. It can otherwise waste in a corner and you’ll add significant value to your kitchen. You might be capable of creating a smaller breakfast nook on the opposite side of an L-shaped kitchen. It will allow your family to utilize the space even more.


  • U-Shaped Kitchen:

The cabinets in a U-shaped kitchen can run across three walls. This plan gives a lot of space. But it can feel crowded if the top cabinets are on all three sides. To prevent this, install top cabinets around only one or two sides. Install with open shelves, prominent tiles, or a range hood on the opposite wall. 


How to Design a U-Shaped Kitchen:

In a U-shaped kitchen, make the window spaces open and neat. This kitchen arrangement allows for a continuous work area. It gets the most out of the storage by placing the workstations at the other end of the back-and entry doors.


  • Island Kitchen:

An island kitchen is a good option in open houses. It creates a big work table or storage space in the center of the kitchen. A cooking countertop, mixing bowl, and a minibar or fridge can all be found on the island. 

It can also utilize as a simple cooking area or a place to enjoy family gatherings. So, the kitchen must be large enough to accommodate an island. It makes products for the natural movement of people in the kitchen.


How to Design an Island Kitchen:

Make use of the island as a workplace and gathering space. Where friends and family can mingle while food is cooked. It’s an excellent area to put significant ornamental lighting. It can also use as task lighting due to its central location in the stylish kitchen.


  • Peninsula Kitchen:

The peninsula is similar to an island kitchen. It includes a kitchen worktop that hangs from a wall or cabinets. This is a fantastic option for those who want the advantages of a kitchen island but can’t install one. While the chef is busy preparing dinner, the peninsula can utilize it for meal preparation, dining, or other activities.

How to Design a Peninsula Kitchen:

The peninsula, like the island kitchen, provides a fantastic engagement while preparing meals. It’s a marvellous idea for a small confined kitchen. A wall can eliminate to open the kitchen up to an adjoining room without compromising storage.


Look at your living area and evaluate which one best suits it and your demands. Because now you understand the basics of the many stylish kitchen layouts. So, if you require assistance with your interior design, the specialists at Ani-Mebel in St. Petersburg are always ready to grab the keys and design the ideal kitchen for you.

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