Top 6 dances of Kerala

Top 6 dances of Kerala

The culture of the region can be

seen in thevarious arts and dances.

Dances areconsidered an important

part of theculture of a region.

Kerala, in thesouthern part of India, known as

the “Land of God”, has many

forms of dance.

Among the many folk dances, some were

traditional and popular in the state as

Most of these dances were

performed in temple ceremonies

and celebrations.

These types of dances are unique

in their amazing performances

and performances, performed by

the best dancers. The dancers are

decked out in fancy costumes

and ornaments to adorn the dance.

Kerala has around 50 different dances.

These include Theyyam, Thiruvathirakali,

Chakyar Koothu Koodiyattam, and

Ottamthullal, some of the most popular

dances in Kerala.

famous for its two popular dance forms

“Kathakali” and “Mohiniyattam”, attracts

tourists from all over the world.

Travelogy India is here to present

great information on Kerala’sgetloadedinthepark

traditional dance styles.

1. Kathakali

Kathakali is an ancient dance form that originated 500 years

ago in the southern region of Kerala. Kathakali is full of

dance, theater, music, and religious events. Kathakali

is said to be one of the oldest theaters in the world.

In Malayalam (Kerala region), Kathakali means

Speech-Speech, “Katha-Speech” and “Kali-Play”.

Kathakali Kanikani Kerala
on the temple grounds. Kathakali features

colorful costumes and decorative ornaments.

The dress was very double with a hat, a

rolled upskirt, and dirty jewelry. Usually

dressed, the artists interpret myths from

and the Ramayana. The actors with

their most beautiful scenes represent

the characteristics of myths.

It involves a Kathakali pattern, beautiful hand,

foot and eye movements. Aids are used in this

An old drum,known as a Chenda,

is played to accompany

one or two musicians. These musicians

describe the meaning of their songs.

Travelogy India recommends that you

spend an afternoon viewing the Kathakali exhibition in Kerala.

2. Mohiniyattam

A popular Kerala dance form called Mohiniyattam

involves beautiful movements. This ballet dance

is an individual female dance, as the name

suggests, Mohini means “a girl” and Yattam

means “dance”. Mohiniyattam is a mixture

of Bharatanatyam and Kathakali, as the

elements of these dances are used. This

beautiful movements and easy facial movements.

Mohiniyattam from the 16th century AD

Mohiniyattam is known as one of the

eight famous dances of Sangeet Natak

Akademi. The Vaisnava devotees are

believed to have called the dance

“Mohiniattam”, which Devadasis had

According to legend,

Lord Vishnu was hiding the man who attracted Mohini.

Mohiniyattam is in simple steps,

lyrical music, singing and wearing

white and gold. The dancer decorated

her head by placing a jasmine crown

in the traditional way.

Mohiniyattam is said to be a seductive

dance or dance for the magician.

3. Thirvathirakali

A popular group dance performed at

the Kerala festival, Onam. This dance

is performed by natural women who

move to the rhythm of the sound

of Thiruvathira’s songs.

4. Kolkali

It is performed by a group

of 24 dancers from agrarian classes.

This type of dance is very rhythmic.

It is used as a tool for posterity.

Typing this dance is a great song. Woodcut

ters use wood as a decorative element.

The trees touched each other, moving slowly.


Dancing in a popular Malabar area

of Kerala is called Hayam. Hayam

and their culture have existed for

thousands of years in this region.

small ones. Dravidian art form and

sacred dance of the Kaali goddess.

It is said that the word ”

Hayam” isa negative form

of “Daivam”, theword

Malayalam, which means God.


Koodiyattam is a form of Kerala music.

This dance has even taken place in

temples for centuries. Musical

instruments at Koodiyattam are

Kuzhitalam, Mizhavu, Sankhu, and Kurumkuzhal.

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