Puzzles have the dual ability to relax you and at the same time tax your gray matter. So we have compiled a list of the best websites to play free puzzles online.

Puzzles are a centuries-old hobby that is still popular to this day. And there are traditional wooden puzzles that you buy in boxes and apps that you play on your phone.

And then there are the popular puzzle websites that predate apps. So why not test your brain when you are bored by completing these puzzles that you can play online?

1. JigsawBreak

Jigsaw Break website with a random puzzle.

This website will not impress you with how it looks as it is quite dated. But a glance at the leaderboard will tell you that players around the world are still racing to finish the puzzles with the fewest moves possible.

The challenge is to solve a puzzle in a limited number of moves. If a puzzle has 5 × 5 tiles, you must complete it in 25 moves or less.

You can create your own puzzles by uploading photos from photo sharing sites. Or you can try a random puzzle. You can’t upload your own photos yet, but the variety on the site should be enough to keep you interested.

2. JigZone

JigZone is an online puzzle site.

JigZone does one thing that JigSawBreak doesn’t. You can upload your own photos, create a puzzle and send it to your friends. Otherwise, you can choose any of the displayed puzzles. Choose the level of difficulty from the classic 6-piece to the monumentally arduous 247-piece triangle.

There’s a daily puzzle, a huge puzzle gallery with classified puzzles to choose from, and also the ability to send puzzle postcards to friends with your own photo or any other puzzles on the site.

3. Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet website to play free puzzles.

Jigsaw Planet greets you with a more modern interface. You can play all the online puzzles you want without the clutter. You can also create your own puzzles by uploading a photo, setting the number of tiles and their shape. Set the rotation to make it more difficult.

If placing the puzzle pieces becomes too difficult, use the ghost image as a guide. You can also use a picture scheme, but it is more challenging. Use Settings to optimize the playing area before starting a puzzle.

4. National Geographic

National Geographic Puzzle Generator.

What is the connection between National Geographic and puzzles? They are the famous NatGeo images, which Jigsaw Puzzle Generator turns into great puzzles. All images come from the Photo of the Day and are updated every day.

Pick one, then take your time as you try to beat the clock. You can adjust some settings in the Options to make the puzzles more difficult or easier to complete.

5. Jigsaw only

Jigsaw Puzzles.

This puzzle website is simple in its looks, but it features a large number of puzzles in a variety of categories. HTML5 puzzles are made from licensed unlicensed images. You can also create your own puzzles by uploading an image or selecting one from Pixabay.

While looking for a online puzzle game, you can review popular topics and some suggested puzzles. For example, the Fine Arts category can teach you something about famous paintings as you try to put the puzzle together.

Puzzles can be customized by changing the size, number of pieces, and their shape.


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