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Health and Fitness


Being fit and healthy is one of the most important things to consider. And if you are a fitness junkie, you must be drooling over the hottest and newest fitness-tracking software and accessories in the market.

Whether it is an armband, a wristwatch, a clip-in pedometer, or sports headphones, it is important to invest in an excellent fitness-tracking device to monitor your health levels and progress.

Some of these products are even so comprehensive that they monitor even your sleep pattern! Also, you can sync them to your computer or mobile device for a more convenient review.

If you are looking for a perfect gadget during your run, here is the Top 10 Best Must-Have Fitness Gadgets. Strip Club Name Generator

1- BodyMedia Core 2

This fitness gadget is a sleek arm strap that lets you track down your daily activities such as your exercise routine, your sleep pattern, your heart rate levels, and the calories that you have burned.

You can also sync such statistics to your computer for a more comprehensive view. With a seamless design, you can just flaunt it every day!

2- Nike+ FuelBand

One of the most popular fitness gadgets there is the Nike+ Fueled. It is very lightweight and convenient to use for daily purposes.

This gadget is a pedometer that also tracks the calories you have burned – and turns them into NikeFuel. With visible progress,

you will get more motivated in moving around Whether you are walking, running, or dancing, you will be able to track your activities and share them with your friends!

3- Motorola MotoActv

This gadget is a music player and a fitness tracker in one! It has a huge space of memory to store music (about 4,000 mp3’s) and

it has a reliable GPS tracker using Accusense technology to record your route, distance,

speed, and calories that you have burned while doing your exercise. Plus, you can connect with your other fitness buddies at MOTOACTV Training Portal and share your progress.

4- Striiv pedometer

If you do not like any gadgets that mean strapping anywhere in your body, then this amazing small fitness gadget will be the best option for you.

And do not be deceived by its size! It can record a comprehensive reading for your fitness routine while remaining invisible.

You can just strap it in your pocket or belt, and you are good to go. Plus, you can even play games!

5- iPod Nano

A classic Apple product, the newest generation of iPod nano is not only for listening to music but it is also a good gadget to accompany you in your fitness regime.

The best app for this device is the Nike+, which acts as a pedometer by connecting to a shoe sensor.

Plus, you can just easily use it along with other fitness accessories and software, such as heart-rate monitors, headphones, and wristbands for a more effective fitness track.

6- Body Media adhesive patch

A slim, lightweight arm patch, the Body Media adhesive patch monitors your overall fitness level and health by using high-end technology sensors.

These sensors even track your health by your perspiration levels! It can track your heart rate, your burnt calories, your pace, and your distance covered.

If you do not live any straps around your body or a wristwatch type of gadget, this is a very sweet deal.

7- HAPIfork

A fun gadget to help you track your eating habits, the HAPIfork is an innovative gadget filled with sensors for everyday use.

I work by tracking how fast you are eating and warning you (by vibrating)

if you are eating too quickly then what is recommended. So, aside from tracking your exercise activities, you can also track your eating habits for a more effective healthy lifestyle!

8- UWaterG4

Perfect for people who prefer an outdoor type of activity like cycling, mountain climbing, and running, it is one of the best waterproof gadgets to come along with you.

This gadget is considered to be the world’s smallest waterproof MP3 player – you can strap it literally anywhere! You can clip it into your armband, belts, pockets, and headbands.

Plus, it includes a flotation device if it comes loose when swimming or surfing!

9- Bose SIE2i headphones

If you are a fitness junkie, the most important device for you to invest in first is excellent sport headphones.

Unlike regular headphones, they are designed not to get loose even while you move and not to tangle up in your body by using shorter chords.

Plus, this accessory is lightweight and water-resistant so you can still use them even when raining or when you are sweating severely.

10- Reebok inTouch Heart Rate Monitor

More like just a watch, this lightweight product is perfect for ladies who do not like bulgy and masculine fitness-tracking devices.

This device allows you to track your heart rate levels, including the calories you have burned, your speed, and the distance that you have gone.

It has a touch screen for an instant, no-hassle update of your performance and the stylish color just seals the deal.

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