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Too much red skin pain: Should you be worried?

Too much red skin pain: Should you be worried?


You will often be surprised by the red spots on your skin. These spots, known as red spots or “ruby spots”, often appear suddenly and do not disappear. We are very worried when you see them and when you see other people suddenly appear.Too much red skin pain Should you be worried

Contrary to the name, red-black dots are not dots. These red spots, also called hemangiomas, have a group of cavities. Sometimes called Campbell de Morgan powder or cherry hemangiomas.

According to research published in American Family Physician, conditions affects up to 50% of adults. They appear on the body and limbs with a diameter of a few millimeters. In most cases, no treatment is needed, but it is best to check with your doctor regularly.


What else do you need to know? To know more, we will explain the most important things you need to do about red grass development. If you have hemangiomas, this information can help answer your doubts.

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According to an article published in “Medicina General y de Familia”, red spots on the skin are the most common type of hemangioma. This disease, or malignant tumor, can occur at any time, but becomes more common after 30 years.


She often catches our attention with her bright red color. Many assume that the hemangioma is not healthy and curative, and hemangioma is a genetic predisposition that inherit from the parents. Let’s look at a variety of truths.

What are the red spots on the skin?

Red skin is a dilation of capillaries due to disruption of the short vascular system. It is usually seen on the hands and heart.


Cardiac hemangiomas often appear as small red spots on the skin. They are soft or quite tall and 1-5 mm in diameter. Because of appearance, society often distorts black spots.


We should also emphasize the following: Hemangiomas are malignant tumors. This is a simple collection of melanocytes, which are indistinguishable from black spots, usually malignant.


What Causes Hemangiomas?

The cause of hemangiomas is still unknown. But age is a factor, and society tends to age, according to a study published in the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology.


However, it is also linked to genetics, hormonal changes, exposure to chemicals and the climate.

Should you be concerned?

Again, these red spots on the skin are not cancerous and you have nothing to worry about. Tumors are different, but you need to pay attention to their appearance and pay attention to changes. That’s why it’s important to remember the following if you have skin blemishes:

You can’t display many in one area.

Red spots on the skin do not cause discomfort. Consult your doctor if you experience pain, itching or anxiety.

Red spots on the skin do not bleed. Consult a dermatologist if it bleeds when touched.

Note color and shape. If the color is dark, the tip is rough or uneven, consult a professional.

How can I get rid of this?

This is a health hazard, but some people find these small markings undesirable, especially if you want to wear a tank top or a low-cut shirt.


Seriously, don’t try to get rid of it at home or naturally. There is a safe way to get rid of it, but it can harm others.

The size of the red spots on the skin is 6-7 mm. Due to the presence of capillaries, it cannot be removed yourself. The dermatologist will explain the best and safest way to get rid of it.

Usually the red dots are burned with a laser or electric knife so that the red dots are no longer visible. This technique is completely safe.

Concerned about skin redness? As you know, this is often superficial. However, if you notice any abnormalities or complications, see your doctor.

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