Tips You Must Know About Before Going To Repair A Coffee Machine

Coffee machines are ideal tools for preparing coffee and in the bar at home. They can be versatile and allow you to prepare different coffee specialties and other drinks, such as hot chocolate or tea. Here are the best models for sale and the details that make the difference. A coffee machine is a machine that allows you to prepare a hot and good coffee at home. The most equipped will enable you to choose between long coffee and espresso and between different aromas and degrees of grinding. If you face any problem, you can hire the coffee machine repairs service.

Thanks to the motor and pump that comes into operation, you can enjoy hot drinks in seconds. You can choose between capsule coffee machines, pod coffee machines, manual coffee machines for ground coffee, and automatic or super-automatic coffee machines, which instantly grind the beans.

First of all, it should be noted that paper pods and capsules are not compatible due to their different compositions. As for the pods, having all the same shape and size. there is the possibility of using them on various espresso machines without any brand restrictions as they do not require specific equipment.


Established in 1998, the Consortium for the Development and Protection of the ESE Standard is the owner. Manager of the ESE brand and promotes the international industrial standard of the same name, monitoring product quality and improper use of the brand.

This Consortium has reduced the number of drawbacks on the then-emerging coffee machines. Including the difficulty of using manual devices, product waste, and incorrect dosing and pressing constituting. On the one hand, a quality guarantee of the espresso. Product, but flattening the offer and quality of the product on the other. 

The ESE system is an “open” system, which allows you to choose between extensive price ranges; there are various standards of shape and size allowed. Which can be classified into four categories: espresso, short, long, and extra long.

Another fundamental standard that ESE pods must comply with is that of compostability. After a careful study on disintegration and biodegradability, in 2012, the Consortium also established a specific certification program for the disposal of pods that must fall into the category of “compostable products.” It can be disposed of together with the wet (such as tea bags ) because it is naturally eco-sustainable.


On the other hand, the capsules do not have a precise standard. Over the years, they have undergone various customizations by producers. Both in terms of the quantity of coffee contained within them and the measurements and materials of the container. Furthermore, capsule coffee machines use a dispensing system and specific technologies that are not compatible.

Refill and Reuse the Capsule

Another option to save on the cost of the capsules is to refill them manually. Also reducing the environmental impact of the disposable plastic they are made of. The procedure is simple: once the tablet has been used, you need to open and remove the aluminum upper part with the use of scissors, and then empty the casing (plastic or aluminum), wash it thoroughly, and let it dry. . Once dry, the capsule must be filled to the brim with ground coffee. Covered with a square of aluminum paper, taking care to make it adhere well to the edges.

Automatic coffee machines – Coffee Beans

The models in this category represent an evolution of manual coffee machines. There are two types: Automatic and Super-Automatic.


The automatic machines allow you to obtain a programmable quantity of coffee. Therefore, once the desired amount is reached, they stop by themselves. On the other hand, the Super-Automatics carry out all the necessary operations in complete autonomy. From ground to the correct dosage of the coffee powder, from dispensing the espresso to expelling the used grounds, which are collected in a particular container together with the water used for machine cleaning, is also automatic. Some models also have a cappuccino function: cold milk, placed in a specific container, is heated, whipped, and dosed directly into the cup with the coffee. If you face any problem, contact the Coffee Machine Repairs service.

Coffee quality and Cost

This type of machine is advantageous both from the point of view of the coffee’s quality dispensed. Still, it is also much more expensive than the other types, due to the high technology. They are often bulkier. 

However, consider that, given the possibility of using coffee beans or grains, the savings, in the long run, are much higher than the machines with capsules. It is also available in many different qualities to meet everyone’s tastes. Some models are even equipped with an additional compartment for pre-ground coffee, which allows you to use two different types of blends without having to empty the bean container to change the type of coffee.


Many models have advanced functions such as timer, programmable coffee grinding, dosage levels, self-cleaning, descaling indicator, energy-saving standby, and programmable aroma intensity.

How to clean an espresso machine?

First of all, it is good to understand when cleaning is necessary. If your machine has become slower and noisier, or your coffee tastes unpleasant, it could be encrusted with limescale. Water contains calcium and magnesium salts which, when heated, can form limescale, harmful to all appliances, and therefore must be eliminated. You can contact the Coffee machine repairs for any assistance.

For cleaning, you can use descalers, acid substances that dissolve limestone, extremely effective but polluting the aquatic environment, as well as irritants and corrosives or homemade and natural solutions based on vinegar, bicarbonate, or citric acid. 

Depending on the use of the machine and the hardness of the water. The procedure for removing limescale should be repeated approximately every three months and consists of 5 simple steps:

Empty the appliance of used and new capsules and water; fill the  tank with water in  addition to the substance you prefer among the previous ones (check the dilution in the instructions);

  • Place a large container under the spout (at least 1 liter);
  • If the machine has a descaling program, use it, otherwise let the solution come out as if you were preparing coffee, without using steam, until the tank is empty;
  • Fill the tank with fresh water and rerun the machine until it is empty.

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