Tips to Select a Perfect Gold Mangalsutra for your Bride

As the wedding season comes, the shopping list of the bride keeps extending by adding every day a new item in it. The excited parents put all their money into fulfilling the Wishlist of their daughter. Among all the shopping items on the list, the most important one is buying gold for their daughter. The parents provide all the latest gold jewellery designs to their daughter but the gold mangalsutra, which is to be worn by the bride for her lifetime, is given by the groom’s family. Hence, there are very less chances that a bride might give a choice for her gold mangalsutra and that makes her Wishlist incomplete.

This article is going to help all the family members of the groom and bride to select the best gold mangalsutra for her.

  1. Every culture has its traditional gold jewellery that is to be worn on all special occasions. Hence, you need to understand the significance and requirements of the culture. To understand more about the cultural requirement, you can ask elder members of the family including the parents or in-laws. If you are looking for some specific type of authentic mangal sutra like Dehjoor, watimani, thali, etc., then you need to contact the local jewelers of that community who understands the traditional gold jewellery.
  2. If you wear western clothes along with traditional ones then you must have both types of mangal sutras. Or if you do not have the option of two, then you need to settle down with something simpler that goes with western as well as traditional outfits. There are various designs and styles available in the market nowadays. For example, you can have a mangal sutra with a simple gold chain stringed with gold beads and a diamond-studded gold pendant.
  3. Along with the simplicity of the mangal sutra, you must also take care of the length. It should not be too long or short so that it can be worn with any kind of outfit. But also, it depends on your choice as many brides like to wear short-length mangal sutra that touches the collarbone whereas some of them prefer longer ones. The standard size of a chain length is 16 inches. If you are confused about the length, you can go with the standard size. Also, you can have a loop behind the chain that can help you in adjusting its length.
  4. The overall look of the mangal sutra depends on the style of the pendant. There are various options available in the market like pendant style with solid gold, pearls, diamonds, etc. You can choose any option that you like the most, feel confident about, and the one that suits your personality.
  5. Lastly, there are various metal options available in the market as well. Even the gold is available in a different color other than yellow. You can have a pendant made of white gold, rose gold, or a mixture of both. Rose gold is considered the most romantic metal in the mangal sutra which is trending nowadays.

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