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Tips to protect appliances during moist weather

Relaxing on your balcony or sitting beside a window, watching the raindrops falling from the sky and feeling the weather with a cup of hot coffee. Yes, it is Monsoon season, the most beautiful time of the year. The rainy season is no surprise the best for most of us.

Still, it is highly infamous for our electrical appliances. The high amount of moisture during the weather can damage these appliances heavily. Therefore, we need to maintain proper care for our electrical instruments, especially during this season. Because we indeed spend a heavy investment to purchase one of these.

Below in this blog, we will entitle some tips that you can follow to keep your appliances guarded in this wet season.

Use genuine SAA certified Wiring 

It might sound costly, but it is a one-time investment. And in the long run, it will protect your appliances and your house from an uncertain occasion. The FCC wires are certified and tested to deliver high quality current with safety in harsh weather conditions.

Check damages regularly

It is always better to be proactive when it comes to electrical appliances. Do check your electrical instruments occasionally to confirm there is no sign of damage. If possible, call out a professional electrician to do an electrical survey. He can advise you ideally on what can be done further to keep them safe and sound.

Replace if necessary

Suppose the electrician or the routine check-up ignites an alarming situation that cannot be fixed. Then it is the right time to change the required electrical appliance. There are many stores available online that you can check out to purchase the machine at a reasonable price range. But, if you want the product to be delivered the very next day, then we recommend you go for The Good Guys and order your desired item. Make sure to utilize The Good Guys Promo code to get amazing discounts.

Keep an eye on the switch

Modern electrical devices are susceptible when it comes to a sudden electrical charge. Make sure to turn off the switch properly if the device is not being used. Moreover, an unnecessary plug-in will increase your electric bill as the power is constantly on. So remember to keep switches off.

Utilize a three-pin socket

Before purchasing any kitchen appliance, make sure to read the voltage requirement. If the apparatus asks for a different voltage, go for it. Most probably, refrigerators, grinders and home appliances come with a 3-pin plug already. It is better to use a high quality three-pin socket to increase the life and reduce the chance of damage.

Check out for any leaks

Monsoon does bring lots of moisture and water along with it. So observe the house for any leak and seepage. If there is any, work quickly to fix it up. In the worst case, the leak can lead towards an electrical current that can turn your whole house into an active electrolyte during monsoon. Furthermore, keep the sockets and charging pin adapter away from the window to ensure a moisture-free environment.

Avoid using appliances amid heavy thunder and storm

When it is raining heavily with thunder, it is better not to utilize high voltage appliances such as an Air conditioner or an iron until necessary. The thunder and lightning will cause heavy fluctuation of current that can trigger a short circuit for the appliance.

Do not touch any electrical source if you are in barefoot while it’s raining

We all know that our body is an excellent conductor of electricity, and a wet body without any shield such as slippers will do the job perfectly and make you electrocuted. If not, it can provide a good reason for a short circuit to happen in a jiff.

Clean your appliances occasionally and if possible multiple times a day

We have guided you to check the appliances occasionally, but checking is not enough. Cleaning is much more critical. If there is dirt present in the machine, the moisture will allow it to be redundant along the surface. It is always better to clean your microwave and oven once a week and cooktop and blender after every usage to prevent fungal and dirt particles. Moreover, you can further utilize a blower to keep dirt away from the appliances that are hard to clean, such as your Air conditioning unit or PC.

Keep out unnecessary material away 

If there is any material present in your house that is unnecessary, keep that out because rust can make its way very quickly during the season. Furthermore, it can cause any metal to weaken. Besides, remember to clean the exposed water heater pipes with a vinaigrette solution to prevent rusting. Afterwards, wipe it with a dry cloth to increase its lifecycle.

What are the things that you should not do in the rainy season?

Keeping electrical appliances safe is essential, but your life is something that holds up the top place when it comes to safety.

Do not install switches next or close to windows

It is always better to install an electrical switch far from any window and at enough height that a child cannot reach it. The moisture and water drop coming from a window can make it a perilous source of a hazard hence it is important to utilize the other space in the house to install an electrical circuit.

Leaning alongside electrical poles 

First of all, if you are out and it starts raining. The first thing you should do is find shelter in a safe place. If you are around a source of current such as an electrical pole as water can make it a perfect conductor for the current to pass. Moreover, try not to park any sort of metal thing such as a bike along with it to eliminate the chance of getting electrocuted.

Keep yourself inside if it is raining heavily 

If it is raining heavily with thunder and wind outside. Try to keep yourself locked inside the house, as going out might get you in trouble. If possible, arrange a storytelling session with your family members to make most of the time unique.

Keep yourself ready for the weather

If there is a chance of rain. Keep the essentials with yourself when leaving the house, such as an umbrella, raincoat, and power bank to keep yourself safe and steady.

Well, that’s a wrap of this blog. We hope that many of you will benefit from these tips regarding the moist season. Certainly, all the seasons are essential for us, but it is better to keep an eye on the things that can create a mishap. To protect our pocket and also ourselves.

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