Tips to Creatively Make Custom Animated Videos

Customization, animation, videos, and personalization are becoming the next big things in the world of marketing. By combining them together, they are all set to become fierce marketing weapons. So what makes customization so important? Because in the world of opinionated people, your audience is more likely to listen to messages that are rightly customized. Famous brands use this strategy to achieve remarkable results – and they are successful!

So, let’s first understand what custom animated videos exactly mean and then figure out how you can make one too!

What is a Custom Animated Video?

Customized, also known as personalized, are synonyms for unique. In order to define a custom animated video, take a look at the below points:

  • A custom animated video is made to meet a targeted marking goal.
  • It is available on a specific user’s segment
  • Custom animated videos are very creative and use unique designs that are not found elsewhere.
  • They are often considered as intellectual property of a firm or company.

For your information, the majority of the users who want a graphics-related service for their projects opt for customized videos. They want companies to know what kind of video content they need from them.

Steps to Create a Custom Animated Video

If you wish to create a custom animated video, then you need to keep the below points in your mind when doing so.

1. Clarity about your video’s purpose

Be absolutely certain what message you want to send across through your video. Review the necessary points that you need to include and omit any extra content that serves secondary to your purpose. If you know your audience does not prefer watching long videos, you need to subtract all the extra information. Without dragging it, stick to the core purpose.

2. Prepare the Script

Once you are clear about the key purpose of your video, start working on your script. The script is the building block of your video. It gives a direction, instills emotions, and builds the right environment where the animated video will be played. It’s good if you’re able to nail the perfect script in the first draft. If not, then understand that revisions always create a much-improved version, so no worries!

3. Storyboard

Even though scripts are often written before preparing the graphics of the video, an idea of how the visuals would go is still kept in mind. Other times, the storyboard is created simultaneously with the script. However, is the case with you, you need to learn how to harmonize your script with the visuals. Does this example go well with the bright backgrounds? Will this saying be more engaging with the selected visuals?

4. Voice Over

On your video animation project, you can assign one of the members to work on the audio. The person responsible for the voice-over must narrate the content in a way that enthralls the viewers. It shouldn’t be an emotionless voice that robotically goes on as the visuals flow.

You can also add music to the background, but this is optional.

5. Animation

This segment is the heart of the entire project.

This is where you will be able to see your video coming together. Make your animation aesthetically appealing and select a style that originates from today’s era. Working on an old-style frame is not usually preferred, but you might also consider it. It really depends on the content of your video.

If you are making a video to boost awareness about your brand, then you can add some fun elements that make your brand stand out and more recognizable. Use sounds, logo, colors to do so. Add vibrant colors if you think you should.

6. Make Your Viewers Feel Connected with Your Brand/Project

In order to do so, you can address a common issue or a prevailing social problem. Take one that is widely prevailing in the society and which the viewers can relate to. This is an effective way to grasp your audience’s attention in the video as it makes it more interesting and engaging.

In terms of visuals, you can create a character that the viewers can recognize as themselves in the video. By doing this, you will help your message reach your targeted audience in a way that makes them ponder even after the video has ended. And, of course, this will give your video more impact.

7. Don’t Forget the Quality Factor

Marketing videos of all kinds tend to resonate with the audience, and therefore, are very popular for this purpose. They carry your project’s interests, so you should always aim for high quality.

While it is not true, but the customers’ minds tend to disregard a product if they don’t find quality content. On the contrary, a brand that focuses more on the quality of marketing videos and its content is often given an edge here by the subconscious minds of the customers. It’s just behavioral science.

Are you all set to make your animated video?

Custom animations work in a great way when you have a particular goal in mind. It assists in communicating its message in a way that YOU think could prove fruitful and beneficial.

These videos can create any concept, no matter how complex the topic is. They have the power of storytelling, mixed with unconventional graphics to make them aesthetically pleasing. Animated characters also help in shaping a unique story and give the customized video a human touch.

So keep the above tips in your mind when you are ready to design a custom video and create a masterpiece!

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