Tibetan Mastiff: An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks

For a long time, he was considered the father of all Molossians: the Tibetan Mastiff An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks, or the Tibetan Mastiff, is one of the most historically important breeds, whose extraordinary grandeur has made it a legend.

An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks
An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks

In fact, since ancient times, this extraordinary guardian has always managed to excite the imagination of those who have approached him.

Aristotle described the breed as “fierce oriental dogs, born from the union of dogs and tigers.” Marco Polo spoke of dogs “tall as a donkey and powerful as a lion (in features and voice). And this is just to name two of the breed’s best-known historical references.

Although its presence in the territories of Tibet is millenary, the breeding of the breed as we know it today began around 1920-1930 by English fans. In the ’70s, the breed’s breeders have been seen in Holland that obtained their official recognition. you should be read it:


The vocation of the Tibetan Mastiff is that of guardian of the family and its territory. In ancient times, the nomads of their land of origin used it to guard camps and villages, especially at night. They spent the day next to the tents, in the company of women and children. Perhaps this ancient custom gave rise to his great bond with the family group, which he defends incorruptibly and fearlessly.

An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks
An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks

Although he is quite independent, it is very important for him to feel useful and part of the family is always ready to intervene if necessary and be more active, on guard, during the night hours.

Taking into account that it signals with a very powerful bark, we must consider the possibility that it is at home at night, since we run the risk of disturbing the neighbors if it hears any sound that it considers suspicious.

On the other hand, it is ideal that it can live in a large garden because the Tibetan Mastiff needs space. This, of course, does not mean that we can always leave him alone; what’s more, contact with his owner and his beloved family is essential for him. With only a correct education and socialization, this splendid breed gives its best.


Although intelligent, balanced, and closely linked to its group, the Tibetan Mastiff is still a large dog, with a great capacity for guarding and, especially the males, a dominant character.

An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks
An Ancient Breed Used By Tibetan Monks

Therefore, he needs an owner who understands his nature and knows how to impose himself as a true leader, without using harsh methods (totally useless, because the Tibetan Mastiff is not afraid of anything or anyone), and with consistency, security, and a good dose. of charisma.

A good owner must always keep in mind the reserved nature of the dog and its sense of protection of the territory, which does not tolerate other dogs and is suspicious of strangers.

Being aware of the size that he will reach as an adult, the correct owner of a Tibetan Mastiff will begin his education from a puppy, learning to properly control his companion.

During the educational process it must be taken into account that, like many molasses, the Tibetan Mastiff reaches maturity quite late (3-4 years for females, and not before 4 years for males).

From a physical point of view, the Tibetan Mastiff is rustic and robust and does not have particular problems if it is brushed regularly and fed in a way that is appropriate to its size and needs.

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