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Thinking Of Building A Patio For Your Home? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Basic patios are now a thing of the past as Brisbane residents are now opting for more contemporary designs instead of just a space for the typical BBQ grills and chairs. Patios in Brisbane are now considered more of an integrated part of a home rather than just an unnecessary after-thought. Nevertheless, building a new patio can be a little intimidating but no doubt, a very rewarding investment for the property. Here are some of the best benefits of having a patio: 

They serve as a second space for the property where homeowners can host parties, gatherings, and other fun stuff without cramping them inside the house. By investing in some quality outdoor furniture, patios will become a useful extension for the house overlooking the yard, serving as a great place for people to hang out and chill.

Enclosed patios offer a great place to unwind under the noonday sun or get snuggly during the chilling winters. 

Probably the most important benefit is how patios raise the property values in the Brisbane market. A well-designed and compact patio space can make the property more attractive for the buyers as they’ll get a useful space when they buy the home. 

Things To Consider Before Building A Patio

Patios in Brisbane offer a neat solution for extending the space for the rooms in the house. So building one won’t be cheap. It’s way better to stay away from the cheapest services as they’re not usually up to the standard quality. With that being said, here are some things to look into before deciding to build a patio: 

Location And The Size: Although not much free space is required since patios can be made in any size, there still needs to be some space available so the whole area doesn’t look condensed in a confined space. Options are limited when the space is not adequate but that doesn’t mean the homeowner should not go for it! Just make sure that the size is properly determined regarding the total area available. Remember, the smaller the size, the less money people will have to invest to build it. 

What Is It Going To Be Used For? Patios can be used for a variety of purposes but for more specific uses they’ll have to be built that way. For example, maybe patios are for just lounging while overlooking the yard or the garden. If that’s the case, then a basic design with some outdoor furniture will do. Is it a place to hang out or to host BBQ parties? Then the patios need to be big and wide. Patios can be made with an enclosure or not, depending upon whether they’ll be used in winter or summer. Building a roof over the patio is also a good option if the homeowners are financially able. Having a roof can make the patio more functional as a second space for the home. 

The Type Of Material:

Bricked patios are common across Brisbane followed by pavers and concrete. For areas that are less prone to flooding or rain, gravel patios might be a good option. Timber decking is also a popular option in Brisbane as it is easy to maintain in the long run. Generally speaking, the type of material used will ultimately depend upon the style of the house, the initial cost of investment, and the maintenance required. 

Other Factors To Look Into: Make sure that the whole project adheres to the codes and regulations set forward by the Brisbane City council. Although most patios in Brisbane don’t require a permit, adding various facilities like water and electricity might need government approval. Secondly, the backyard might need a bit of sprucing up to make it more aesthetic so look into that. Then there’s a whole array of outdoor lighting systems and patio furniture that homeowners need to look into during the patio construction. All this will make the patio more functional.

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