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Things You Should Consider Before Travelling

Traveling is only fun when you pre-decide the things you need to do and pack before you head to the local beach or other cities. Things like climate, festivals, flights, and your budget are just the tip of the iceberg. So let’s introduce you to the bigger picture of the pre-travel guide that you should consider before travelling.

To help alleviate last-minute anxieties, we have in store for you a pre-travel checklist.

A Pre-travel Checklist

As you start to imagine a prospect of going on a tour or Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals, go through our guide and travel as safely as possible.

Travel Starter Pack

Be sure to pack a survival kit before you go.

Usually, that means a hand sanitizer, a strip or two of Neosporin and Ibuprofen, some band-aids, earplugs, eye masks, and sleep aid. Get your prescribed medicines and keep them first and foremost. Also, to stay entertained and hear less of the outside talk, take a pair of headphones along with you as well.

Most importantly, charge your electronics before you leave and pack a travel adapter.

Oh and don’t forget to munch on some snacks if the journey’s too long!

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Means of Transportation

According to the country you’re in, choose the method of carriage. Getting there and around once you’re there in taxis might not be the best idea. Not only is it reckless and risky, but can also cause you to double the amount if you just rent a car or go through Railpass.

You might also be more comfortable taking flights if it’s a long trip or in between islands. But if you’re a water lover, you can also opt for ferries i.e. water bus or taxi.

Look into the companies and rates in all the options you have- be it, by road, maritime, air, or rail. Also, do not forget to make sure you’re secure in whatever mode of transport you choose.

Travel Insurance

Half the fun, as they say, is the unexpected. However, that’s not always the case. Other times, when you or your children get injured or fall ill while traveling, insurance can help you there as well. Even more, perchance you encounter trip cancellations or baggage loss or theft, you can come prepared for the worst with profitable travel insurance.

Travel insurance is mostly worth the investment for its potential to reimburse you. So do your research and if you’re having trouble planning, talk to a travel agent or an experienced traveler for the best travel insurance.

Roadside Services

If you’re traveling in your car- be it a long or short distance, you should have road assistance services by your side. So if you’re locked out of your car, or if your car broke down, or even if its battery died, you’ll have support in a stranded place. So, arrange for quick and secure services for the best solo or personal travel experience.

Driving License

Are you thinking of an epic road trip throughout Africa, America, or Europe? Good for you if you are. But there’s a catch you might have missed thinking about. That is, you can never be sure if your origin’s drivers’ license would be valid.

The policy varies across different regions and countries. Hence, your safest bet is to arrange an IDP, i.e. an International Driving Permit.

Currency Exchange

Keep an eye on the exchange rates. Figure out the conversion rate before you head off so when you reach there, you don’t go into bankruptcy. Remember not to exchange your money before you get to the foreign destination. This way, you won’t lose money from your bank or at the airport. If you use the ATM as you arrive at your desired location- that’s when you’ll lose the least amount.

However, sometimes the ATM is flawed or you won’t find one or maybe it’s too far away and your fuel might just dry up. Therefore, you need to always carry a small amount of cash with you. Indeed, you never know when your credit card gives up on you too!

Also, do not forget to inform your bank you’re traveling so they do not temporarily hold or freeze your account upon suspicious overspending.

Passport and Visas

Be sure you have extra passport pages available in your passport, particularly if you need any visas. Often countries put a visa only on a visa page so your said amendments page might not even work. Moreover, some countries will not permit your entrance if your passport expires within 6 months of your trip.

Similarly, getting the right visas is most of the time overlooked- as basic as the act seems.

If you don’t have a proper visa, many countries turn their backs on you. If that happens, you might not even be able to leave the airport. In addition, you’ll be further disappointed when they ask you to leave their country on the next available flight.

Hence, it will not just be your dreams that will be broken but also your bank account which is going to take some time to heal again. So help yourself avoid this little mistake that can cost you your entire savings.


When you’re trying to find a place to stay, you might want to choose something less expensive. This way you can experience more things because you’ll only have to use the hotel to sleep at night.

It also depends on your preference of style or the kind of traveling you desire to do. No matter if it’s a long-term or short-term lodging you’re looking for, or a lavish honeymoon suite with a Jacuzzi, pick your pick well before you get there.

Be sure to carefully plan and pre-book your accommodation.

Regardless, if you’re a spontaneous traveler, it is better if you at least book one night’s accommodation in advance. This will really abate some stress and put your mind at ease on the first night of your trip. After that, as you grow accustomed to the surroundings you can choose to rent a place you please.

Here’s a pro-tip for you: Do keep a copy of the reservation in the form of a hard copy in case your laptop and phones give up on you at the last minute.


Every country has its culture. Therefore, research and acknowledge the do’s and don’ts on the different customs before you leave. You never know what can offend the residents of a country– whether it’s a gesture, attire, or anything at all. So be careful of cultural sensitivity wherever you go.

Learn the laws of the country you’re traveling to beforehand and any tourist scams there might possibly be. Read the reviews and blogs for the things to avoid and the cultural events to attend.

This way, you’ll respect the country you’re visiting and represent your own country with honor. However, ensure that you do not brag about your home country and try to learn and talk in their language.

And there you have it, some peace, love and a whole lot of fun!

Stay Prepared For Anything

Visit your doctor before you go off on any trip. Make sure you have your prescriptions and are up to date with all medical measures and vaccinations.

Also, double-check the dates for your reservations and restrictions on carry-on and checked luggage so you don’t lose some major necessities on the way.

Furthermore, check the weather forecast at least 10 days prior before you reach your destination and accordingly pack the extra layers or raincoats.

Another thing to check is your phone coverage and plans. It is advisable to not depend on Wi-Fi and get a prepaid phone card instead to stay in touch with the people back home.

The Bottom Line

Everyone’s journey is unique and so will be yours. So be open-minded and embrace the bizarre to have a great adventure. In fact, smile and explore the world in slow motion while pedaling and walking. Be a conversation starter and talk and eat like a local to have a knowledgeable trip that leaves an impact on you.

Ultimately, the main goal is to lose your inhibitions and enjoy your time. And meanwhile, try to take pictures and make the best of the memories!


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